Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tight Shirt (sans designer jeans)


A warm morning at the GridIron welcomed the PAX — three regulars and two “Home for Christmas.” Here’s how it went:

Mosey from Parking Lot to Courtyard of Short Pump Middle School for welcome and disclaimer.

COP: x25 SSHs IC, x25 IWs IC, x25 Air Squats, x25 DQs IC, x25 APDs IC, Superman x3, x25 Side Plank Dips (RH High) IC, x25 Side Plank Dips (LH High), and x25 Seal Jacks

Mosey to end of Pillars: x25 Pole Smokers Heels to Heaven, Penmanship (ALL CAPS), x25 PSHHs, Penmanship (lower case alternating single legs), x25 PSHHs, x25 Dollies IC, and x25 PSHHs

Mosey to Tennis Courts for the Battery: side line to side line – assortment of Karaokes, lunges, hops, back runs, high skips, butt kicks, and high knees with some air squats mixed in.

Mosey back to end of Pillars: x25 PSHHs, x25 APDs, x25 PSHHs, and cross beam hangs

Mosey to Courtyard: x25 PLTs

Mosey (slalom) to start of Pillars: x25 PSHH

50 yard Lunge and Karaoke.

Mosey back to Parking Lot.

COT:  Groh took out the group with his customary strong prayer expressing gratitude for the abundance of our blessings, especially the gift of Jesus Christ.


Glad to have Jordache at the AO this morning – the former Richmonder showed us some Greensboro strong (and horrified the older Pax with mental images of late 70s designer jeans).  Also glad to have WD40 back from Atlanta for his sophomore posting (hope for brother Grub’s posting was dashed by sprained ankle suffered on a Christmas afternoon run).

Speaking of injuries, this morning’s mental Weinke was scrapped when Johnsonville announced a shoulder malady.  Query: was it an injury or was J’Ville’s simply trying to decelerate his upper body gains (barely concealed by his shirt) 26 days of his Burpee challenge?

No problem, though, with the workout adjustment – as HoneyDo will attest, GridIroners are exceedingly fond of core work. So the same was substituted in the place of Burpees, dips, and Merkins.

On the final mosey YHC got his normal “jump” only to be quickly reeled in and passed by WD40 who was instructed by Groh to chase down the old man. Note to Groh – victory by proxy does not count.

John 1:1-5


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  1. There was talk about DD’ing after Dogpile but no takers. we’ll be sure to bring a few next Gridiron since that will be in January, after the burpees challenge is over.