Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Goodbye Christmas pooch


12 Dogpile regulars and 2 FNGs gathered around the 2 shovel flags for a post Christmas beatdown.  It was 72 and foggy which helped the PAX sweat out more of the Christmas dinners the day before.


Mosey to the Circle – COP

SSH x 30 , Merkins x 10 , LBCs x 30 , Flutterkics x 20 , Richard Kimball x 20 (combo Turkish get up & Good mornings)

Mosey to Carillon Field – Glowstick chases

Broad jumps, Crab Walk, Bear Crawl, Crawl Bear, 10 Burpees at Midfield, Broad jumps & Bear Crawl back

Mosey to other Circle for:  Ghost of Christmas Earthwortm:

Partner up for Partner Leg Toss x 25 , 5 sets , finish with 15 more Richard Kimballs

Mosey to back of Carillon:  Donkey Kicks x20 , 15 Lunges, 10 Merkins, Lunge back. Repeato x3

Mosey to Amphitheater: Descending plank down the Amphitheater steps: Plank every other step

Regular Decline plank, RHH, LHH, Derkins x10 , Inc Merkins x15 , Countdown Decline plank.

At the bottom IC:  30 Box Cutters, 30 Freddy Mercury’s

Stairway to Burpen back up to top – Back to COP Circle

IC Flutterkicks x25 , Helly Dollys x25 then Ring of Fire – Flutterkicks

Mosey to Flag for COT


Great work men! Welcome Wurlizer and Turncoat.  YHC was determined to focus on Abs this AM to offset all the Christmas goodies and libations of the last few days.  The PAX attacked their collective christmas pooches with enough PLTs to qualify for respect from our Gridiron brothers to the west.  There was much discussion before the beatdown of the various levels of soggyness of shoes and other items from Saab’s 45MoM.  At the onset of the beatdown something felt amiss and then the PAX figured out what was missing – Swirly.  Maybe he had too many of his own famous Christmas Balls yesterday!

YHC is not sure about the effectiveness of the newly dubbed Richard Kimball exercise, but liked that it got the PAX rolling around on the ground to start the beatdown.  The side of the Carillon (or Carillon like Pavilion) seemed to work well for the Donkey Kicks as there was no slippage against the wall.

YHC still remembers a Doner Kabab dogpile beatdown this summer where he made the PAX plank at the Amphitheater for what seemed like forever so blame him for the idea.  It was fun to share some fun christmas stories, like Turncoat’s affinity for the NY Giants and Fudd’s affinity for Single Malt Scotch, while suffering deep in the Gloom.  Thanks to Wilson for his punishing countdown on the last plank step.

T-Claps to Winston for the EH on Wurlitzer and DK for bringing Turncoat (his nephew) and Rohawk.  Turncoat is only 9, just like Bass Pro earlier this week.  YHC thinks we should reconsider anyone posting under 10 yrs old should get Respect, not Quad Hate as it takes guts to enter the Gloom at that early an age.  Good work to both Turncoat and Rohawk.

Announcements:  Trail Run tomorrow, likely not on the Trails but sounds like Lab Rat has some ideas.




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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Missed another honeydo workout? I am now thinking honeydo is purposefully Qing when he knows I’m not gonna be there! Was Rohawk there? He was not in pax list, but I remember him well. Hopefully he still lives up to his name!

  2. Added him to the Pax list. Yes DK brought a whole team today. TYA I am expecting you to bring back some exercises from across the pond like Manchester Prom Dates, Scottish Twists, or Stonehenge presses. Or at least for you to Q an entire beatdown in a British accent.

  3. Richard Kimballs – I like ’em now that I have the technique down for both sides. My abs hurt just thinking about doing one.

  4. Wow this sounds painful…. I was a grinch the whole day cause I missed Dogpile…
    Happy Holidays Fella’s

  5. TClaps to the PAX for welcoming 2 of my 3 nephews. Turncoat was very proud of himself.
    Those Donkeykicks should be called Asskickers.