Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Christmas Eve’s eve


10 strong moseyed into a damp but not yet rainy gloom.
The Thang
Mosey to the concrete in front of the trailers
23 x SSH
23x LBC
23x Don Quixote
23x Hillbillies
23x Freddie Mercuries
23x Crab Cakes
Mosey to the top parking lot.
Advent Calendar – 23 reps of each and lap around bus loop
Flutter kicks
Sumo squats
Diamond merkin
Hello dollies
Carolina Dry Docks
Box Cutters
Imperial Squat Walkers
Mosey to flag

Ring of Fire
Air Squared position
3 each around and back


The asphalt was a little damp this morning but nothing the SOT Pax couldn’t handle. The theme of Christmas Eve’s eve provided a nice opportunity to do 23 of each exercise. The Pax crushed it!

YHC arrived early to place the “advent calendar cards” in the parking spaces only to be met by a very early arriving Oyster. YHC was fearful Oyster would accidently blow up the plan but it was early enough that he was still partially asleep.

Evidently Bleeder was picked up by Swirly somewhere on Powhite. Rumor has it he had forgotten to attach the smart tag to his bicycle. To Bleeders credit/rehab he rode 2 laps for every 1 the pax ran (13). Beating YHC every time, not that anyone was counting of course.

Immediately after Aisle 5’s burpee infested Q last week YHC signed up for today. The mission was to tax every muscle used in a burpee, but lead a burpee free workout. Sorry Wilson.

Ricky Bobby was on time but last in the lot. Watching the headlights turn in the Pax curiously could not figure out who/what vehicle was arriving. This is pretty unusual considering the rumble the mighty SS typically emits. Ricky Bobby we do not have a noise ordinance on the south side, OPEN her up!!!

Highlight of the morning for YHC had to be Splinter and Honey Do bringing FNG Bass Pro to the AO. The youngest FNG ever to post at an F3 Richmond workout. Splinter was overheard telling her to pace herself early in the workout. Bass Pro never faulted, and often was waiting on Splinter to catch up on the runs. Well done Bass Pro, welcome to F3.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Saabs VQ tomorrow at 45 minutes of Mary


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  1. Nice Q Lug… Great overall workout for sure.. Way to post on your vacation time with Dad BassPro 🙂
    Yeah Bleeder was rolling on that bike of his…. I was trying hard to get back to base before he made it around twice….. Way to push me Bleeder.. No burpees – thanks for that gift Lug. Wish I could thank you for not doing lunges….
    See y’all in the gloom.. For those of you I don’t happen to see in the AM – Merry Christmas!

  2. That was an awesome Bike Friendly Workout, being Burpee free was just an added Bonus! Only able to catch Swirly once, Way to put the hammer down Swirly!

  3. Definitely a tough workout. While I’m happy no burpees were done, I still needed to knock them out. Maybe a good time to sign up to Q (now available on the F3 App – LOL) and bring a FULL burpee workout. Nice job by Bass Pro!

  4. Great Q Lug. Games of suspense always keep us on our toes.

    Bass Pro had a great time and she has been commenting how tired her legs have been all day.

    Thanks to the PAX for being especially supportive of my 2.0 today.