Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Good Times in the Rain


20 souls decided to enjoy the warm temperatures and steady rain at No Toll this morning.  Here’s how it went down:

The Thang:

Mosey the big loop around all the fields at Huguenot Park to arrive at the pavilion in the center.  Following a brief welcome and intro, commence with 24 single leg Alabama prom dates, 12 Bulgarian split squats, 25 derkins, and 15- 2 count stepup jumps.  Switch legs on the prom dates and Bulgarian split squats on the repeato.

Mosey around the complex to meet back at the pavilion for 15 jump to stepdown and 15 donkey kicks to the bench, repeato.

Mosey around the complex to the bleachers by the first field.  While holding the underside of the bleachers execute 50 rows, 40 modified muscle ups, and 25 single arm rows with rotation for ea. arm.

Mosey around the complex and back to the road for lunges back to the flag (~.25 miles or 157 Irishman lunges).  Mtn Climbers till everyone was present.


YHC packed the family truckster till midnight in preparation for a lovely drive to WV later today.  Needless to say, this left YHC feeling a bit the Grinch initially.  Not to worry!  Aisle 5 promptly announced the need to take off his clothes when he found out who was Q.  My preference would be to leave this comment alone and not ask for an explanation or details.

Last week saw a bunch of VQs.  This resulted in lots of creativity and new blood in leading the PAX, so YHC felt like something new and different was required to keep that going.  Fudd announced his displeasure with the workout, and that’s an early Christmas present in YHC’s book.  Obviously some of these things will get repeated, and some won’t (unless we have some structure that can support 20 dudes doing rows and muscle ups).

Special thanks again to Guinness for bringing some Charlotte cheer to the PAX.  He also gave us a lunge count on the trek back to the flag.

Great work everyone, and Merry Christmas!


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  1. Good Q Toga – still trying to figure out the one legged Alabama prom dates – I tried copying Splinter and Fudd but they seemed to be doing exactly what I was doing which was slipping and grunting…
    Way to work today guys – Aye!
    See ya’ll in the gloom….

  2. Very creative Toga! Drive safe. And I did ask Aisle 5 to re clothe himself before the ride home. LOL

  3. Thanks for not having us get too muddy toga, safe travels to WV. Good to see 20 in the gloom on a rainy morning! Btw with rain in the forecast all week Dogpile will be extra muddy, bring out that Xmas new F3 gear as we will break it in properly

  4. Well done, toga. Drive safe. I wish you no leg cramps on the way up, and a merry Christmas all around.

  5. Solid, wet beat down, Toga. No part of me was dry afterwards.
    My shins particularly appreciated getting smashed on the bench during the donkey kicks.
    And I think Fudd & I were LIFOs not Kotters.

  6. @Toga, Great beatdown this morning. I counted 170 lunges. That must be the most lunges I have ever done. And then 50 mountain climbers? The Donkee Kicks and the Bulgarian Split Squats were new to me. Great turnout in the rain.

  7. Should we change Fudd’s name to LIFO for the sake of brevity? Having to type that in the backblast is getting repetitive…

  8. This was a great workout, Toga. It was a nice combination of running and punishing exercises targeting different muscle groups than we usually focus on. A++ Q, you set a high bar!

  9. What Lab Rat meant to say was he hoped Toga was reading these comments on the side of the road somewhere in the the middle of BFE WV, walking out leg cramps in a downpour while his M yells at him to get back in the car so they can get to Grandma’s house. The only thing missing from today’s workout was Jack Sparrow to join Guiness in bringing the Charlotte cheer. Solid job, Q.

  10. B.T., I am trying not to sound like a wuss, even though every step is causing me to wince.

    But, yeah, what he said.

  11. Simply stated, I was over dressed for a Toga Q in 55 degree rain. And you did not disappoint, today was anothet great Toga beat down. I found muscles I didn’t even knew I had.

  12. Thanks for all the comments:
    @Swirly, maybe you’ve just been doing things wrong since prom? We’ll work on it.
    @DK, sorry about using the wrong term, and yes, renaming Fudd LIFO is not a bad idea
    @Guinness, thx for the correct count, and we would welcome Dingo anytime
    @All, my legs are hurting as well
    Thanks again guys.