Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Guinness Curls in the AM


11 Faithful posted for the Punisher Kettlebell beatdown

Lunge to Curb and back to COP

25 Don Quixote
25 LBC
25 Imperial Walker
25 LBC

Pick up Kettle Bell

30x Swing kettle bell between Legs
Figure 8s
30X Lifts Right hand
Figure 8s
30X Lifts Left Hand

30x Lawn Mower Rows left and Right

Prisoner Cell in Parking spot Plank walk

30 Bicep Curls Left and Right

Pass Weight to the Left

Tricep Curls

Russian Twist

20X no Weight
20x with Weight, then pass to the Left
Repeat 4 times

20X WW Sit Ups

Return Weights to Curb

10X Merkins
10x Diamond Merkins


Lunge to Curb and Back



Kudos to our Brothers from NC hitting the Punisher for a Monday AM workout, Guinness and Jack Sparrow. Welcome back to RVA.

Once again the KettleBells have hit RVA, This time around YHC was not the only one to bring some heavy metal(Top 40 Music was also available) to the AO this Morning. Brain Tumor and Lab Rat brought Kettle Bells, they were massive; however, after they saw Toga’s HUGE 45 pound Ball of Solid Metal, both explained that their’s were much lighter and not really made of Metal. The Tone and Fitness logo needs to worked into the next KB workout.

The Kettlebell workout is still much a work-in-process, YHC is still mastering the non-impact workout; YHC is open to suggestions.

The music selections for the Morning seemed to be generating a lot of mumble chatter; Although it was not enough distraction to avoid realizing that a 45 pound KB might not be the best choice for a 45 minute workout. TOGA did later declare that a Kettlebell was better than a CinderBlock to workout with for 45 minutes.

BT, Lab Rat, Swirly and YHC stayed a punisher for some further discussion of the workout and the plan for the remainder of Christmas week. Lab Rat and Circle are working on a Mechanicsville launch. Anyone have any friends from that end of town please get them on board!

On Tap later this week:
TOGA on Q for #noToll
Lugnut on Q at #SOT
Saab VQ at 45MM
NO RAMM on Friday Christmas DAY


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  1. I hope that @Guinness pointed out that the standard at Tradition is a 50lb kettlebell! @Toga keep rocking that 45lb’er! It’s gonna hurt for a while, but the gains will be huge!!

    I’ll be up in Richmond in January, would love to post with you men and maybe even “guest Q”!!

  2. 45 is definitely not too much!!! It’s only too much if you don’t want GAINS!

    I echo what my tradition brother said! Every time I swing that 50 it sucks but I know that I’m getting stronger! Even if you have to lower the reps, you’ll still see GAINS!!

  3. I thought it was a pretty solid KB workout. I don’t know that it needed much tweaking, but there will certainly be different things for next time. Re our “guests,” Jack Sparrow is a local, but we’ll be sure to keep this misconception going just for fun.

  4. Thanks for the KB beatdown, @Bleeder. I felt it. I did not point out that the “standard” 45 or 50 pounder at Tradition is only for pax such as @Dingo and @Coyote – they set the bar. I really don’t think they are trying to over-compensate for anything.

  5. Great Q Bleeder I like the mixing in of the kettle bells into our workouts.
    Thanks for joining us Guinness – hope you will come back again soon – your tradition bros are welcome to join us anytime as well – to them I simply say – Bring it on !

  6. @The Yankee Agressor, Missed seeing you. Yes, I did my Guinness gang sign. @Swirly_RVA, Great to join you Richmond pax. It’s cool to be able to step right in and feel right at home with my F3 brothers. @Dingo may be joining you in Janusry. I suggest that you invite @Dingo as a guest Q- you WILL NOT be disappointed. @Dingo is our Master Q at Tradition.