Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Virgin Mary


18 Faithful gathered on a 50 degree clear morning for the latest in Virgin Q Week in RVA.


Mosey to NW corner of the school for COP:

SSH x 25

Upright Alabama Prom Dates x 20

Hillbillies x 20

Merkins x 12

Mosey to the parallel bars for “stations.”  Teams of 4-5.  Station 1: supine pull-ups on parallel bars.  Station 2: dips.  Station 3: pull-ups on the monkey bars or the pull-up bars.  Perform exercises until a team member relieves you, then run around the dirt track to the next exercise.  Rinse and repeat 4x.  Audible down to 3x because of time and jello arms.

Mosey to the west side of the soccer field for plank hurdles/railroad tracks in teams of six to the other end of the field.  Then railroad tracks “with an Indian Princess twist” back: instead of hurdling every planked PAX, hurdle every other PAX, and army crawl under the others.

Mosey back to shovel flag for COT.


YHC was grateful for another strong turnout during Virgin Q Week for his VQ.   It feels like it has been a shot in the arm in terms of renewed enthusiasm and new creative workouts.  Let’s keep up the momentum.

Before the workout, an idea for a workout theme emerged: Tacky Light Tour.  The headlights of those coming in hot were considered tacky (?).  YHC didn’t think today’s workout was right for the name, so someone can get working on one that is.

YHC was nervous about the first Q: timing, counting, instructing, etc.  Fudd threw everyone off by showing up on time; YHC thought we must have been five minutes late starting.  It turns out counting is easier on the Q side – you only need to count to three.  YHC had struggled with some of the larger numbers as a member of the regular Pax.  There was some praise from old-timers on the stations about using new muscles, and there was some grumbling from other old-timers on the stations about using new muscles, but on the whole good vibes.  YHC had visions of nasty spills and/or kicks to the ribs on the railroad tracks, but everyone seemed to make it through okay.  Honeydo gets the Charlie Hustle award: his white t-shirt was almost solid brown after what must have been several dives/slides in lieu of army crawls.  Too bad the rain didn’t come in time to soften the ground a bit.

Thanks to TYA for the encouragement to lead, and for Toga for going over the workout at HDHH.  Thanks to everyone for making F3 Richmond what it is.


There was a pair of Firm Grip gloves near the parking lot.  Give a shout if they are yours, they are in YHC’s car.

EMC Christmas party at 3106 Lanvale Ave. Thursday.  Contact Lugnut for more info.

3rd F by Earthworm at the coffeeteria Saturday after Gridiron.

Lab Rat concludes Virgin Q Week with the run tomorrow (whether 2 runs count as a VQ is TBD).  Swirly/Johnsonville on Saturday.  Brink your Kettle Bell Monday, 15-25lbs.  Saab VQ on Christmas Eve.


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  1. Well done, Offshore! I thought this morning’s workouts flew by. Best laugh yet during a workout with the UPRIGHT Alabama Prom dates…good times.

  2. Nice VQ Offshore !
    I’m having horrible visions of the upright Alabama Prom dates – wow – but like I said while we were in cadence- if your gonna go with the UAPD- you gotta go all in – Aye!! Also very fitting to do hillbillies directly after the UAPD’s 🙂
    Oh yeah and my wrists are killing me from the parallel bars – as Splinter said those bars got some girth…
    See ya’ll in the gloom – good work this morning fella’s.

  3. Nice work offshore, today’s mumble chatter was off the charts, don’t think I have laughed more at a beatdown before. Made the 45 min fly by.

  4. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Not my place to name offshores new exercise, but “erect” is another word for upright, and it seems more F3 appropriate. So, erect Alabama prom dates?

  5. Great upper body workout, Offshore! Glad to get the pull ups back in the mix, and glad to give my arms a break Friday.

  6. Ha! Erect it is. What about when we add side to side action? “With a swirl” (re: Seinfeld’s Move)? Clockwise?

  7. Thanks guys. Looking back through the backblasts, you all set a high bar for both workouts and backblasts.