Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tractor Tire / Punisher


14 Faithful and 1 FNG (Gouda) posted for a Mid-December gloom session with unseasonably warm temps in the low 60s at 0530.  It seemed odd running around the school to the soccer field and passing a Christmas Tree lot with such warm temps.  This was the first Q for YHC and we got right to it.  Here is how it went down:

Mosey to soccer field behind school.  As the PAX was running behind the school, someone noticed YHC parked behind the school in the bus loop, with a trailer hooked up behind his Jeep.  YHC overhard a member say “Does he have some kind of prop…”  AS we got to the field, the PAX found a Tractor Tire at midfield.


SSH x25

Don Quiote x20

Burpees x14

Tractor Tire Ring of Fire-Pax remained in a ring around the Tractor Tire and assumed the Plank position.  One Pax climbed inside the Tractor Tire and lifted it carrying out of the Ring and around the outside returning to the middle upon completion of the loop.  The PAX remained in the plank position and alternated between Right Hand High/Left Hand High/Elbows and merkins.

Aerial East Abs

PAX formed  line across the endline of the soccer field near the goal for various Ab exercises. With the PAX member at the far right going first, running to tire and flipping the tire 14 times.  The remainder of the PAX performed the following: Boat/Canoe, WWII situps, LBCs, Flutterkicks, Freddie Mercuries changing exercises everytime a PAX member returned to the AB LIne.  WE cycled the exercises until all have flipped Tractor Tire.

Tractor Tire Triple Check

Partnered up in groups of three.  Merkins, Burpees and Run to far side of BBALL court x 3.

Mosey to far corner of school.  Sprint as fast a safely possible along sidewalk of Monticello, turn n Laburnum, turn on Hemritage, enter parking lot to return to Shovel Flag.  Plank position until all Pax have completed sprint.

COT-YHC took us out with prayer.

As this was YHC’s first Q, let YHC say it was a pleasure and honor to lead the group this morning.  It was great to see such a large group at The Punisher.  To be honest, YHC designed the workout for a group of around 8-10 PAX, so a couple of audibles had to be called during the workout.  Back story for the Tractor Tire is TYA and I spotted the tire behind the gym where our girls practice competitive gymnastics.  As soon as I saw it, the men of RVA F3 came to mind. YHC heard a little mumblechatter during the Tractor Tire Ring of Fire and a few grunts as we lifted the tire.  Glad to hear the feedback, as YHC knows this is a group that likes to be challenged, and the PAX defintiely stepped up to the challenge. Great to see Gouda (FNG) post.  Gouda is a neighbor of Toga’s and lived in Green Bay for a couple of years and there must not be many Packers Fans in the PAX, as Gouda was chosen over CheeseHead.  Welcome Gouda.

Great way to start the week.

Announcements-Lockjaw mentioned HDHH at American Tap Room this Wednesday.  See Pre-Blast from Lockjaw.


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  1. I’m really impressed with RVA VQ Week! Way to step up, gentlemen. Sorry to have missed this one!

  2. Great work today gents. If anyone would like to use the tractor tire for future posts, let me know

    Circle K

  3. The tire was a great early Xmas present. We appreciate you chauffeuring it around and look forward to more being added.

  4. Definitely like the addition of the tire, although my forearms are still sore. Welcome to the Q, Circle K, and welcome Gouda!