Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

First VQ of the week


Weather was 70 and time of day was Sunrise

Four Pax “braved the weather” for Lab Rat’s virgin Q, kicking off what has turned out to be Virgin Q week here in RVA, We were greeted to a stunning sunrise while heading across the nickle bridge. With Offshore in the lead, we headed down Buttermilk Trail and picked up Forest Hill Loop, then back home the way we came. This gave us a total of a shade over 7.1 miles total.

Nobody was in much of a rush this morning, and even the speedy Offshore seemed content to keep the pace at a comfortable level. TYA tried to do a little complaining to break YHC in to life as a Q, but it was half-hearted at best. Overall, it was just a great day for a run, and spirits were high.

Although some of the rocks and roots were sneaky slick, everybody managed to keep the blood on the inside this morning. Circle K battled thru a bum wheel, and YHC hopes that it won’t effect his Q in the morning. Wild horses couldnt keep me away from that workout.

Coffeeteria afterwards, where TYA and YHC were introduced to come Circle K wisdom: That stuff that goes on top of green bean casserole is called “french fries.” Thanks for the coffee and the laughs, Circle K.


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