Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A new metric for fitness–the Wilson Burpee Scale


8 Pax gathered on a surprisingly warm mid-December morning.

The Thang


Arm circles w/o cadence switch directions and angle of palm on Q’s command.  Imperial Walkers 20x, SSH 20x, LBCs 20x, Mountain climbers 20x.

Mosey to the star for a tower workout.  Pair up, bunny hop up stairs and proceed around the back of the carillon until you meet your partner, then proceed doing the backwards version of the exercise until you reach the steps.  Run back down the stairs to the star.  1st Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear. 2nd Duck Walk/Backwards Duck Walk, 3rd Crab Walk/Backwards crab walk, 4th Lunges forward and backwards.

Mosey over to pullup bars.  Partner up.  Do max pullups + 5 with help from partner.  Switch roles.  3 sets.

Mosey to the carillon field for 4 Corners Choose Your Poison.  For each evolution, the Pax chose arms, legs, or core.  Once chosen, the pax did the same exercise on all 4 corners.

Rnd 1: Arms: 10 close grip merkins; Legs: 10 Storm Squats; Core: 10 cross leg lifts.

Rnd 2: Arms 20 merkins; Legs: 20 Ball Dippers; Core: Freddy Mercury.

Head over to Vita course for Burpees or a 1 mile time trial.  Each Pax could choose to do 100 burpees or run around the vita course (1 mile) at max pace.  The Burpee group’s goal was to complete their 100 Burpees before the last runner completed the circuit.

Head back for ~100 meter sprints.  1 at 50%, 1 at 75%, and 1 at 100%.



Last week YHC learned that the rest of the PAX places bets on when he’ll show up (as I’m usually one of the last guys to post).  So this morning, I arrived early and snuck up on the gathered PAX taking a running route that placed me behind Swirly’s Woodfin truck.  I enjoyed the extra few minutes of joking in preparation for the workout and will plan to arrive early more often.  Aisle 5 was in a particularly jovial mood and asked me if I ever stop flexing my legs.  Nope, permanent flexion. Actually, I would gladly exchange my rippling legs for those 6 inches longer.

For the workout, YHC chose the pick your poison so that he could avoid doing any Merkins as his pecs and back are still sore from the 5000 Merkin challenge.

We were able to calibrate our 1 mile times to a new metric–which I will call the Wilson Burpee Scale (WBS) .  In this first iteration, the numbers ranged from 80 to 110.  YHC finished in 80WBS, Rosie ~85 WBS, Grizzly came in at ~100 WBS, and Aisle 5 was at 110 WBS.

It is great to see that Winstons is becoming a Dogpile regular.  He particularly impressed today on the Carillon exercises.  And, Rosie and Aisle 5 have some serious wheels on the sprints.  Aisle 5’s back stride is particularly impressive on those all-out sprints, I think his heel comes almost as high as his head!  I’m still in awe of Blood Test and Grizzly who push themselves hard and earn their Respect/Respect and Respect, respectively.  Swirly, as usual rocked the Pullups and Merkins.

This was a tough workout, but you guys are a pleasure to lead.  Good attitude, guys!


It is Virgin Q week!  Lab Rat on Sunday, Circle K on Monday, Rosie on Tuesday, and Aisle 5 on Wednesday.

HDHH will happen on Wednesday.  Lockjaw is in charge–


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