Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

From whom the Kettlebell Tolls


7 Strong posted today for a non-running, non-burpee, Beatdown at SOT. The Gloom was prevalent this morning as the the dense fog increased before the dawn.


Mosey to First COP

30X Don Quixote
12X Merkins
30X Imerial Walkers
30x LBC’s
30X Hill Billies

Pick up a Kettle Bell Weight of PAX’s choosing

Exercises with Kettle Bell
Lifts’, Rows, Knee bends, Bicep Curls, Tricep Curls, Figure 8

Merkin, Wirkin, Diamonds

Back to Kettle Bell

Repeat Lifts, Bicep, Tricep

Russian Twist
Without weight 20X
With Weight 10X

Pass weight to Left

Without Weight 20X,
Pickup Weight to the Right, 20X

Repeat process 4x

Six minutes of Mary

20X Hello Dolly’s
20X Rosalita



Wilson took us out in relaxed “Hey God, it’s me, Wilson” prayer


After the first Mosey, which was about two feet, YHC announced to the PAX that my knee had suffered an injury last week, and that YHC was on restrictions with anything to do with running or even mentioning the word running. Fudd asked how the injury occurred, YHC explained that the knee had been hit by a lucky horseshoe last Thursday. Fudd seemed disappointed that he was going to running all over the AO this AM. When the PAX looked over toward the curb and witnessed the row of Kettle Bells placed on the curb, a few groans and mumble chatter were heard.

KUDOS to Rosie for picking up the heaviest KB of the lot, and keeping with it through out most of the Exercises. YHC was curious to see who would have the courage to to pick up the lightest hot pink kettle bell(still 10 Lbs). Wilson made the courageous decision that he would opt for the lighter KB after the first series of exercises. On a side note, Wilson was apparently not willing to run to the AO because of the erie feeling that Fog was putting out this morning. (Note to self, Put up sign for Wilson at AO without naming him directly as to embarrass him, Caption should read, “Lost Balls, If Found please return to Wilson’s Wife”) (Also, Should ask Aisle 5 if he saw any evidence of them as he ran home in the Dark.)

YHC is pretty sure this is the first KettleBell workout to hit RVA. Swirly mentioned that the Stock clerk at Dick’s was probably pretty annoyed that they are having to restock so many Kettle Bells at once. Thanks to Swirly for making the KettleBell Suggestion, Anyone who wants to use them for a workout(and ruin the Shocks in their car) is welcome to use them.


All RVA F3 Members are invited to Attend the Christmas Party at LugNut’s Office at 3106 Lanvale Ave, on December 17th at 4:30-6:30PM.


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  1. Great work guys! Nice job Bleeder with the kettlebell workout. I can see these being used in future workouts – maybe replacing the blocks/bricks…..
    Excellent workout this morning.

  2. Welcome back Bleeder. Glad you could come up with a new way to crush my arms, I am feeling the pain but enjoyed the change of pace. Wilson’s balls may be in the trunk of Bleeder’s car with the rest of the kettlebells.

  3. Look, it was dark, foggy and I AM afraid of things that go bump in a dark foggy night. Great workout with the kettle bell, but now I need to get in 15,000 steps and 99 Burpees (I did one during the workout)!I agree with Swirly – let the Kettle Bells replace the bricks! Look forward to seeing how they will be used in the future. My shoulders, tri’s & biceps are smoked.

  4. I’ve been looking forward to someone starting the kettlebelk workouts, can’t believe I missed it! Nice work, men. And someone put “Lost Balls” in the name bucket; it’s got potential.

  5. I have had a kettle bell sitting around since last winter just waiting for others to have their own, but @Bleeder you jumped way ahead of that and I’m glad to hear it! Can’t wait for another arm-killer workout, hopefully we can get to a point where we can designate one of the workouts each week to be just that!