Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Coming in Hot


10 fast faithful and 1 FRNG posted for a run Friday morning. Weather was perfect for a run, mid 30’s and clear.

The thang:

All run from school on Commonwealth to Monument, right on Monument. 4 mile turn at THE Boulevard, 5 mile turn at Allison, and 6 mile turn at Stuart Circle. Circle back on monument and then left onto commonwealth and back to shovel flag.

Naked Moleskin:

I pulled into the parking lot at 5:26, one car (Toga) in my rear view mirror and Sippy Cup parking his bike. No Swirly, no Bleeder, very strange. Thought we were going to have a small group this week, but the folks started to stream in to the parking lot. By the time was all said and done there were 11 of us on the run, including two clown cars (Toga and Lockjaw in one Circle K and Lab Rat in the other).

YHC gave directions to all and warned everyone that although it was a very simple route, the last time we did this route, Swirly got lost. Circle K and Lab Rat being the last two to arrive missed the warning. As Lab Rat was running with a group of four he was easily able to navigate the route. Circle K on the other hand managed to get off route. He claims he was not lost because he always knew how to get back to the school. You make the call.

Welcome to Tramp Stamp. Friend of Marv’s who showed up for his first posting. He had a good run finishing with the 4/5 mile group. Tramp Stamp is an Ex-UVA baseball player who currently runs SkyZone. Marv being a good host suggested Tramp Stamp and having no other more humiliating name, it stuck.

Kotters to LockJaw who posted for a run for the first time in a long time. He was trying to prepare for Saturday’s Bear Creek 10 miler. I think one four mile friday run should be ample preparation for a ten mile trail run!

Good luck to all who are running Bear Creek on Saturday.


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  1. Re: lockjaw’s training routine, which consisted of a treadmill run, a 4 mile road run, then smashing his car to fix Achilles tendon? Seems to have worked just fine!