Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bear (or Beer) Creek Trail Run


8 Faithful F3ers and 142+ other folks posted for a trail run at Bear Creek State Park. Weather was a little chilly to start but was glorious by end of the run

The Thang:

5 mile out and 5 mile back trail run. Try to follow the white markers and white blazes on the trees to stay on route.


Much like the BRR descriptions of the terrain, the Bear Creek description that YHC received from Saab and LockJaw was nowhere near what was described. Relatively flat, no significant elevation changes. I saw no flat ground the whole run and although the elevation change was not a mountain goat hard leg, there were some pretty good hills. Five (or more) stream crossings along the way. Thankfully the recent weather left the stream levels low and at most the water hit the top of your shoes.

First trail race for several of us. I know that it was the virgin trail run for Splinter, Oyster, Offshore, and TYA. I know for sure that Saab, Lab Rat and Lockjaw have done trail runs before. Not sure about Honeydo.

Tclaps to Lab Rat for the post race meal. He threw together a rice, chicken and hot dog treat that hit the spot post race. Great second F after the race with a variety of adult and non adult beverages available. Splinter and Oyster’s daughter enjoyed a post race chocolate milk. Tclaps to Oyster wife for the post race Dunkin Donuts. Beer and donuts are a great combination.

Much talk after the race about the BRR and this experience. Saab declared that he would most likely not do the BRR again because “how could it possibly top the first experience at the BRR”. Well, I say that we find out how.

Back to the RVA trails next week.


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  1. Well the average was flat.

    How about oyster’s daughter making everyone do post race burpees. She’s ready to Q!

  2. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    True about the burpees. She even introduced the one arm burpee. Hope to never see that burpee called at a workout!

  3. Glad to see no mention of F3 name changes today…Oyster’s daughter is more cruel than DK!

    Also, there is some variation between “hot dogs” and kiebalsa…OUCH!

    Thanks for the second F, I really enjoyed that. Great to get to know some of the guys.

  4. That was a heck of a trail run. The start and finish were at the same elevation so it must be flat!

    Awesome job with the cooking Lab Rat. Thanks to Saab and Offshore for driving the clown cars.

  5. Glad that Oyster suggested this race. Definitely a challenge. Good work on the food Lab Rat. Put this on the list to do again next year.

  6. An excellent run gents. All those Sunday’s paid off. Looking forward to the next Run. Frostbite 15k which is 1/17/16, right around the corner.

  7. Thanks for the compliments on the grub, guys. I am just happy to be a part of a group that shows up and hangs out.