Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A pile of Christmas trees already…


A sturdy seven showed for the last November ’15 version of #ThePunisheRVA.  Undaunted by intermittent drizzle, we went after it like so:

Mosey around the front yard and around to the west side of the school for the initial circle with:  25 x Russian Soldiers, 25 x Imaginary Jumpropes, 25 x Don Quixotes, and 25 x Standing Snow Angels.

Jog around the back for a Four Corners variant on the blacktop – Bear Crawl to a corner and complete 9 Burpees (3 to the second power – squared, get it), Zombie Walk to the next corner for 16 Lunges, Crab Walk to the next corner for 25 Merkins, and skip to the fourth corner for 36 Mountain Climbers.  Rinse and repeat 3 times.

Stumble to the playground equipment for a Triple Check – one PAX member completes Pikes while positioning his feet within a playground swing, another completes Pullups, and another jogs to a sign at the Bus Loop and back – performed three rounds.

Stagger to the sidewalk on the west side of the school grounds for some Mary time – Indian Run style.  PAX pick a concrete square and complete 10 LBCs.  Hop up and jog to the next available square beyond the southernmost PAX member for 10 Hello Dollys(ies?).  Hop up and jog to the next available square for 10 Rosalitas.  Continue moving squares and completing the Mary rotation until we hit the stoplight at Laburnum.  25 Merkins while on our final square.

Quick jog to the ShovelFlag for 24 Merkins and finish with COT.


Our front yard at Holton is a sales lot for Christmas trees.  We avoided that space for this workout.

Oddly enough, heavy rain happened later in the day.  Was comparatively dry for our time outside.

Started with two count Lunges and Mountain Climbers for first two Four Corners trips – audibled to single count.

There was some discussion about the November Merkin challenge.  YHC thinks a 10K Merkin target is insanity.  While Johnsonville seems geeked about a Burpee challenge, the group seems very interested in an LBC challenge instead.

Good luck to our brothers participating in the Bear Creek run this coming weekend.

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