Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

#GridIron — Plenty of Calories to Burn


Seven of the faithful posted at #GridIron during a comfortable late-autumn Saturday morning. Johnsonville planted a SF and took Q. This is how it went down, more or less:

COP near SF
25x ssh
15x merkins
elbow plank
25x don quiote

mosey to playground for COP
25x lat pull ups
25x merkins
15x imperial walkers
15x hillbillies

mosey to shelter near old schoolhouse
Ciabatta (alternating between dips and squats)

mosey to grassy knoll
10 minutes of burpees

mosey to old schoolhouse
Triple Check (alternating between wall sit, rotating plank, run to and around vollyball court)

indian run to far side of track
Ciabatta (alternating single leg Alabama prom dates)

line up on track
Ciabatta along track (alternating between bunny hops and walking lunges)

25x bicycle
superman (greatest american superhero theme song x 2)
30x boxcutter (reversing direction mid way)
leg lifts

Mosey to SF (Earthworm sprint!)


Moleskin —
Ty Webb’s parents live down in Powhatan, and he was vising from Charlotte. We were glad he decided to post with us.

Ty Webb and Jolly Rancher ran together on the triple checks, and they seemed to get a bit competitive. Jolly Rancher knocked out 12 burpees per minute at the grassy knoll, but struggled later the workout. YHC suggested that he try to pace himself a bit better.

Earthworm lagged during the indian run, but then blew everyone out during the 100m “mosey” back to the SF. Unlike Jolly Rancher, Earthworm does know how to pace.

Groh had made the long track back from Alabama the day before to make F3. We like to think he is ultra-dedicated. I supposed it could be that he can tolerate family for only so long.

After having completed the 5000 merkin challenge about 10 days early, Chum Bucket is looking like he can bench press about 300 lbs.

Honey Do was the sole double dipper and showed no signs of wear.



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