Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Thanksgiving Lesson


15 faithful posted for a pre-thanksgiving meal beatdown. Weather was 40 and sunny, beautiful day for a workout

The Thang:

Mosey to side of school, 16x Don Quixote, 21x Side Straddle Hops, 16x Merkins, 21x copperhead squats, 16x arm circles, 21x LBC. Pucker identified the significance of 1621 – the year of the first Thansgiving. Next trivia quesion: Where was the first Thanksgiving. 16 burpees OYO if you knew that first thanksgiving was in Plymouth Massachusetts, 21 if you believe it was anyplace other than Plymouth Mass. Double Applesauce Indian run to tree line and then to other end of field. Turkey day 10s. 46 Million turkeys eaten this year (so we will use the 4 and 6. Run to end of field, 6 burpees and 4 merkins, run back, 4 burpees and 6 merkins, Repeato x5. Mosey to tennis courts. 4 corners (to acknowledge the four states, LA, NC, TX, AZ, that have a city named turkey. 19 Stuart Scott Merkins in corner one, 34 WWII situps in corner two, 19 partner squat jumps in corner 3, and 34 LBC in corner 4. Repeato x 4. Circle up in middle of tennis courts for 6 MOM, dealers choice. Loose Goose selects Russian Twists x16. Toga selects Alabama Prom dates x 16, Q decides we should do the whole honeymoon suite (alabama prom dates, pickle pounders, morning wood, and monkey humpers) x 16. Mosey back to shovel flag for COT and out into the day.

Naked Moleskin

Hearty welcome to OBT in town from NC for Thanksgiving. Good to have him back at an RVA workout. He was the Q last Thanksgiving. Kotters to Dick Trickle. Also good to have him back in the PAX. He and many of the other PAX were confused at 7:45 when we continued the workout. It was indeed going to be a one hour beatdown.

Lots of mumble chatter heard during the honeymoon suite series of exercises. OBT kept mentioning an obsession by F3 Isotope with hip gyration types of exercises. Wilson refused to do the morning wood exercises. After a great demonstration of the exercise by Loose Goose, Wilson tried one, maybe two of the exercise. After that he switched over to some Wilson’s Wife Approved alternative.

Both Saab and Sippy Cup ran to (and from) the workout this morning. They had certainly paid it forward as far as pre-meal calorie burning. YHC saw Saab running down Commonwealth on my way to the workout. Saab was bobbing and weaving down the street. YHC asked if he was drinking this morning and he admitted it was not this morning, but he did have more than a few last night. Several of the PAX were double dipping after the working running either the Salisbury Turkey Waddle or the UR 10k. Best of luck to all.

Thanksgiving theme was inspired by my first Thanksgiving in RVA. I was invited to dinner at Bleeder’s in laws house (long time Richmond residents and staunch southerners). During dinner conversation, one guest mentioned the morning article about the first thanksgiving. YHC queried about the article and what they had to say about the first Tgiving in Plymouth MA. “No, the article was about the true first Thanksgiving, the one in Jamestown”. I was stunned, but somehow kept my composure and let it go. Couldn’t help myself this morning when I had the lead. Had to make sure all know that the true genesis of Thanksgiving was indeed in good old MA.

Great work out there this morning men. Although none of use have the perfect life (except maybe Bleeder), we all have a ton to be thankful for. We are truly the lucky ones in the world, living in the U.S., tons of opportunity, food on the table, and loving friends and family. I am thankful for all of that today as well as the F3 group that has been created here in RVA. Great group of folks….I now look forward to getting up at 5am daily to workout.


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great job this morning guys. Enjoyed the workout. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Looks like a good beatdown TYA. Bummed I missed it, especially the Mumblechatter during the honeymoon suite.