Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

7 or 10 miles on the trail


7 posted on a crisp morning for a trail run

The thang:

Northbank trail Belle Isle, take outside track at Belle Isle and cross bridge to Buttermilk. 4 of the 7 went straight on the Buttermilk and back to the parking lot. 3 of the faithful took a single lap around Forest hill park and then back to the Buttermilk and parking lot.

Naked Moleskin:

Good to have Toga and Brain Tumor back out on the trail run. Toga brought his brother in law (?) Craig to the run. They had a church commitment so they went straight through to the end with no turnbacks to catch the back of the pack (TYA). Brain Tumor and Lab Rat skipped the Forest Hill loop and headed back to the parking lot. Not sure if there was a naming ceremony for Toga’s FNG? Base route about 7.1 miles.

Saab, Offshore and TYA took the Forest Hill loop. YHC was the only one that had run the loop in a long time so I was navigating. I admitted early on that I was a little unclear about the route at the end. We made it most of the way around with no issues. Had to ask directions at the end, but we were able to easily find our way back. With Forest Hill loop, the run is a bit over 10 miles.

Two weeks til the bear creek 10 miler. Come on out next week for a post Thanksgiving day run.


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  1. That’s a fun run, and the weather was perfect. There wasn’t a naming ceremony for Toga’s brother in law, but given his name is Derek, I think Craig may have a chance.

  2. Craig! I like it, but we may need to ponder that one. He refuses to do a boot camp, so there has to be something else we can hang on him.

  3. I was thinking early on it would be worth naming him after famous brother in laws, such as Eddie from Vacation. “Dam Bait”, as in the only funny line out of Vegas Vacation when they are on the dam tour with the dam guide, and he asked if there were any dam questions. Eddie replies, “where can I get some Dam bait?”

    Maybe too deep…