Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Forwards and Backwards


Usain Bolt

12 eager men gathered at Dogpile to start the weekend off with a bang.

Here’s how it went down:

25 – Seal jacks
20 – Merkins
20 – Don Quixotes
20 – Clerkins
20 – Imperial Walkers
20 – Werkins
10 – Good Mornings OYO

Mosey to field for forward and back. Run forward the length of the field, complete 20 2-count russian twists, run backward the length of the field, complete 20 more russian twists, forward the length of the field and a final 20 russian twists.

Mosey to VITA loop. Complete 1 lap clockwise, stopping at each station to complete exercise. Alternate between squats and WWII situps.

Mosey back to field for forward/back/forward. 20 2-count flutter kicks between each sprint.

Mosey to Carrilon for unnamed exercise. Bunny hop up right stairs, 20 dips at top, run down left stairs, 20 mountain climbers at the bottom. Repeato x2.

Reverse direction. Run backwards up left stairs, 20 CDD, run down right stairs, 20 lunges. Repeato x2.

Mosey to bottom of amphitheater for 11s with merkins & LBCs. Run up 11 stairs complete 10/1. Run down 11 stairs 9/2, etc until 1/10.

Mosey to SF for pickle pounders. As many as it takes.

Strong turnout for a cool morning at #dogpile. It was YHCs first Q there and thoroughly enjoyed it. There are many options available to mix in plenty of variety. As DK suggested, YHC had planned for a second lap around VITA backwards; however, the first lap toasted most individuals and consumed enough time to move on. Maybe next time.

Wilson, aye sensei.

The forwards and backwards were challenging for the PAX. Bleeder found his inner Usain Bolt and powered through the sprints. Unfortunately no lightning bolt pose. Someone thought there he heard Fudd during the second forward/backward, alas it was just a member of the pax expressing himself.

Pickle Pounders were a crowd pleaser at the end. Many juvenile comments ensued. Aisle 5 suggested December should be the pickle pounder challenge.

115 total merkins + any extra from the PAX.

– 45MOM 7:00 on Thanksgiving
– Lots of turkey trot options. Check with Fudd for UR, TYA for Salisbury.




  1. Great Q on a great morning. BTW, I would argue that one must be skilled and mature rather than juvenile to be able to come up with the sharp and witty pickle pounder comments.