Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Porsche or Mr. Woodfin? Gingivitis of the Eye?


10 strong and fast posted for a morning jog at RAMM. Weather was fantastic, clear, 45 degrees and little wind.

The Thang:

Right onto Grove, 4 milers turn at Malvern, 5 milers turn at Roseneath, 6 milers turn at The Boulevard. All the way to Three Chopt then run back to the shovel flag.

Naked Moleskin:

We have been parking in the staff parking lot on Thursday and Friday for the past three months. Usually during the morning we are the only ones in the parking lot at 530 and there may be a new car or two that arrives during our workouts. Plenty of room in the parking lot, so no problem at all for anyone….well maybe not.

This morning a women turns in at 5:28 just before our departure, pulls her car to the side, leaves it running and gets out of the car. Very nice and polite women with a reasonable request. She has been working at the school for 21 + years and parks in the same parking spot everyday. If she does not park in that spot, it throws her whole flow and that of the entire school into chaos. Would it be possible for us to not park in her spot from now on so harmony can return to the school (we of course honored her request and Swirly moved his truck so she could have her rightful spot back). She noticed that the two cars that parked there were “a Porsche and Mr. Woodfin”. This comment led Swirly and Bleeder to spend half of their run trying to figure out how she knew that Mr. Woodfin owned the Porsche. Pax cleared things up for Swirly and Bleeder at the end explaining that the car other than the Porsche was Swirly’s old Woodfin logo wrapped vehicle.

Pax has been nursing its way through many aches and pains over the past several months. Some big injuries and some minor aches and pains. Swirly, who will work his way through any issue small or large, declared he would never work out if he didn’t work through pain or injury of some kind. He was in fact today dealing with a bad case of “Gingivitis of the Eye”, which did not slow him down one bit.

Rat pack finally posted on time today. He has tried to post two straight weeks to the Friday morning run. First day he made it to the AO about a minute after the Pax took off for the run and did not know the route so he ran a randomly selected route and then met us back at the shovel flag for the COT. Last week, determined to make it on time, he posted at 5:45, what he thought was 15 minutes early for the 530am run (he usually posts on Saturday so assumed start time was the same as Saturday’s 6am start). Unfortunately he missed us again, so he went home and ran that afternoon. Great to have you out there with us today. Third time is a charm.

BT recapped Fudds neat “vision quest” outfit from the previous day. TYA announced the 5k Turkey Waddle in Salisbury on Thanksgiving morning, but forgot to mention Fudd’s favorite race that he is thankful for that I think is in Richmond somewhere, maybe on Thanksgiving morning? Fudd?

Kotters to The Scream, he was back for the run for the first time in a few months. Good to have you out there. BT and he had a nice run and some good fellowship together this morning.

Sippy is back to his old form. He started a few minutes late, ran six versus YHC’s 5 miler and caught me before I hit three chopt. Great work brother, fantastic to see you almost back to full strength


Special time for Thanksgiving day workout, 7am.

Several races after the workout that you can easily make for a great double dip. Waddle 5k in Salisbury at 9, a race in Ashland, and the Turkey Trot 10k at the UofR. See Fudd for details of the UofR run. Plenty of parking at Fudd’s house for those attending that event.

Safe travels to all and a great Thanksgiving week.


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    This mornings activities pre and post run were hilarious. Great way to start the day off!