Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



10 Faithful PAX showed up to sharpen each other this morning. 8 were well aware of the rainy conditions they would encounter upon exiting their car, and the remaining two arrived having already acclimated themselves with the soppy conditions. The PAX quickly embraced the wet skies, tennis courts, and fields and set off to a quickly-paced workout.


Mosey along Commonwealth to the tennis courts

SSH x 20
Merkins x20
Monkey Humpers x20
IW x20
Lieutenant Dans x10 OYO
Morning Wood OYO x5 (see F3’s Exercises page for explanation if you think this is something different than an exercise)
LBFCs x 10
Rosalita x20

Mosey to Soccer fields & line up on the baseline along Commonwealth Ave.

The Beast
Freddie Mercurys

Line up on Commonwealth – facing South! – for Indian Run around the school. End on Commonwealth and head to the school wall next to the roundball courts.

Triple Check – get in groups of 3 (one group of 4) and do the below 3x
One PAX run to fence & back
One PAX do 10 Merkins & Plank until run is done
One PAX hold up the wall with People’s Chair

Mosey back to the parking lot

COP – 6 Minutes of Mary
LBCs x30
Superman x2
Merkins x9 OYO
Alabama Prom Dates x20
Hello Dolly x20
Russian Twists OYO for 30″



Thanks to @Brain Tumor for keeping count on the Merkins as we progressed, to help ensure that we got to a full 167

If you didn’t notice, the largest set of Merkins we did this morning was 20 at the beginning. Pretty amazing how many you can do when you keep small #s in your sets so you don’t get burned out quickly. We’ll all feel this one tomorrow, great job to all for enduring and completing them all. For those of us who are doing the #MerkVember challenge with a goal of 5K for the month, we’re done for the day already. For those who aren’t doing it, thanks for doing them with us!

Apparently @Bleeder had some warm-up yesterday for leading today’s Superman rendition. YHC thinks perhaps more practice for the PAX on this one is needed – the PAX was WAY off key.

T-Claps to @Honey Do for being the only one to fully complete the HDHH route (and beverages along the way) yesterday evening while also showing up this morning in the gloom for some pain. YHC had one beer and no running last night, and is quite sure that another beer would have made today’s workout much more difficult.

T-Claps to @Marv for your effort today as well. Quiet & steady as usual, kicking tail and taking names. Keep up the solid work.

This morning’s COT closing prayer was a request for help in pushing each other to be better men. YHC is grateful today to have this group to help do that. OYO makes for stagnant, non-growing men. Thanks, men, for your fellowship.


Thanksgiving workout 11/26 is at 7AM, NOT 5:30AM. Same place as usual.

Various turkey trots discussed, @TYA and @Fudd can insert details in the comments.


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  1. DK I definitely was not feeling well during the beatdown, just had to get my merkins in this AM

  2. This morning was the dirtiest I have ever been at an F3 workout. My white socks were gray by the time I got home, and even several minutes into my shower I was picking off bark, leaves and grunge. All in all, good times, and quite a memorable workout!

  3. “I’m thankful that I can walk to UR for the Turkey Trot 10k….” That was really funny.

  4. Nothing like hearing “On your 6” in the rain to get the morning started right. Good Q. Everyone is thankful for something, well played Fudd.