Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Belle Isle Excursion


4 faithful posted for a sunday morning jog.

The thang.

Head East on the northbank trail towards downtown. Cross over to Belle Isle. Head into the trails of Belle Isle for a loop. Head back across the river to the northbank and head back to the parking lot.

Naked Moleskin

Good to hit some new terrain today. Belle Isle is full of trails and we have explored just a few. YHC has yet to find a good map of the trails, so we explore and learn as we go. Total loop today was somewhere between 7 and 7.5 miles.

YHC slowed the guys down a more than a bit on the way back. Not eating before the run is not recommended. Apparantly I had enough energy to do the first half and Belle Isle. My pace was much slower on the way back.

Honeydo took a small spill along the way. When YHC asked him if he was OK, he quickly waved me off… it was just a small fall and he wanted no attention as a result. Saab and Offshore continue to set the pace on the runs. Great to run with these guys. They always keep me motivated to try to keep pace. Thanks for he inspiration along the way.


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  1. Although the trails were soggy that was fun. Having Belle Isle to ourselves to explore was great.