Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Splinter Held for Questioning


7 Faithful posted in the Gloom this am. Here’s how it went down.

Mosey to COP
10X Merkins
25X Imperial Walkers
25X LBCs
15X Arm Circles

Mosey to Black Top
Bleeder Sprints

4 corner of ABS
30x,40x,50x,60x LBC’s, Flutter Kick’s, Box Cutter’s, Freddie Mercury’s

One person Bear Crawl(PACMAN) on one side, Others Crab(GHOSTS) from opposite side. 3 rounds

Mosey back for Triple Check

Ring of Fire
merkins, WWII sit ups.

COT Fudd took us out.


A very pleasant morning for a workout; No one fell or injured themselves. However, Splinter was detained momentarily by the Richmond Police Department for questioning during his role as PACMAN. Come to find out that the Patrol car was in search of 3 individuals scaring people with their faces painted or wearing Mask. As a side note; Toga, TYA and Chum Bucket were no where to be seen this morning.

PACMAN turned out to be an interesting Saga, Splinter was the only PACMAN that made it across the BLACKTOP; other were captured by Ghosts. Well Done, Splinter!

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  1. At least we know that 7 grown men doing human pac-man on the court at 6 am wasn’t the strangest part of their shift