Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Back to Monument


8 faithful posted for a Friday morning jog.  Weather was perfect for a run.

The Thang.

Commonwealth north to Monument, right on Monument.  4 mile turn is The Boulevard, 5 mile turn is Allison and six mile turn is Stuart Circle.  Back to commonwealth and to the shovel flag.


Bleeder was an early runner this morning.  He left 10-15 minutes prior to the workout so he could get an extra mile or two in.  He is training for the 1/2 marathon and needed to get a few miles under his belt.  Probably didnt hurt to add a mile more than Lug Nut as well.

Saab, Marv, Sippy and Toga were in the early lead.  Saab, breezed by me with more than a mile to go.  I tried to match his pace for a 1/4 mile or so, but to no avail.  Marv and Sippy were running together when they passed me.  They too had a good pace going.  Seems that Sippy is regaining some of his old speed back.

I think Lug, Toga and Swirly all took the 4 mile option today.  Toga had to leave early so his M he could support his M in the am.  Swirly was having some leg discomfort, that guy tries to work his way through all his aches and pains.  Respect.  Lug continues to get faster and faster.  YHC and other normal 5 milers see the writing on the wall….


October 31 – F3 pumpkin run at Lewis Ginter

Bear Creek 10 miler on December 10.


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