Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Power of Love


16 strong gathered at No Toll to celebrate the greatest movie that was ever released on October 25, 1985.

Here’s how it went down:

Mosey to basketball courts for Marty McFly layups. Remember the sweet Nike high-tops he had?

25 – Alternating George McFly uppercuts
25 – Doc Brown Great Squats
20 – Van Halen Guitar Kicks (10 each side)
20 – Hoverboard squats (10 each leg)

Mosey to tower for Clock Tower Merk & Burp. In each of 4 different clock positions (12/3/6/9) we paid respect to the time the Hill Valley clock tower was struck by lightening. 10 Merkins and 4 burpees at each clock position. Lap around town square between each set.

12:00 – 10 stagger merkins – right hand high. 4 burpees. lap around town square.
3:00 – 10 stagger merkins – right hand wide. 4 burpees. lap around town square.
6:00 -10 stagger merkins – left hand high. 4 burpees. lap around town square.
9:00 -10 stagger merkins – left hand wide. 4 burpees. lap around town square.

Mosey to field for Tunnel of Love. Pax downward dogs and tunnel of love commences. All while listening to Huey Lewis and the News – Power of Love.

Mosey to Pavilion for Time Machine. Exercise to the dates Marty/Doc traveled during movies 1-2.
11/5/55 – merkins, 6 count clock lunges, flutter kicks
10/26/85 – carolina dry docks, 180 jumps, LBCs
10/21/15 – 2 count dips, jump tucks, WW1 situps

Mosey to near field and circle up for 1.21 GW of electricity. 1 set of 21 burpees.

– 20 Rosalitas
– 45 seconds (ish) of Flux Capacitors
– 20 Earth Angels

Back to SF.

Strong turnout for a tribute to Back to the Future. YHC appreciates sticking with some of the arbitrary exercises during COP to get to the meat of the themed workout.

Kudos to Lockjaw who knew it was 10:04PM when the Hill Valley clock tower was struck by lightning. I would have been concerned except he mentioned he just watched the movie last night.

The tunnel of love to the Power of Love was a real crown pleaser. EF Hutton disclaimed he didn’t realize how much he loved Huey Lewis & the News. He mentioned that he was going to download on itunes and put it on repeat for the rest of the day.

The time machine was interesting in that YHC had to figure out an exercise to do 85 times. I went with 85 single count LBCs and hoped it was a crowd pleaser. Much mumble-chatter and grumbling ensued. Mission accomplished?

Props to Viral who corrected Bleeder on the exact amount of electricity in a bolt of lightning. One-point-twenty-one jigga-watts was the correct answer.

I think I heard Shooter singing Earth Angel during 6MOM. Perhaps he saw a shooting star as well.  TClaps to BT for bringing the pain to the Flux Capacitor.

– Hump day HH tomorrow @ Splinters. Details here. Please RSVP if you have not already. 530 interval hill run. 600 HH. Families invited.
– Journey to manhood at St Christopher’s 7:00 Wednesday.
– Go ruck saturday. Check with Honey Do. Either way wish him and Chum luck.
– Pumpkin race 10/31 @ lewis ginter. Kids run at 830, adults at 900.




  1. This one ranks up there in F3 Richmond’s best workouts. Great Q and creativity, Splinter! We all enjoyed it.

    During the beat down I kept thinking to myself: “Self, how will Splinter incorporate Mr. Fusion?” Maybe you’re waiting to pull Mr. Fusion out at the HHH tomorrow?

    Mr. Fusion

  2. Regrets for the Flux Capacitor count. That little move along with the Penguins have done something that makes me walk with a swivel today. Nice creativity. Great Squat!

  3. I appreciated the long count flux capacitors. However started to second guess when your counts became elongated.

    I never knew a penguin could hurt so much.

  4. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Watched the video at the top a dozen times. I think I see myself dancing in the audience.

  5. Well done Splinter! An epic workout for sure. Perhaps we have a follow up round of exercises paying homage to the Delorean.


  6. Just to set the record straight, long time Huey fan, in fact I’ll claim I got the singing going during the tunnel of love. What I actually said to Splinter was that I’m not sure when or how I became a fan, but that the workout reminded me how great he is and that I would be listening for the remainder of the day. I celebrate his entire collection. Wouldn’t want anyone doubting my fandom or calling me a bandwagoner. It’s been way too long since he graced the Innsbrook After Hours stage.

  7. Never pegged you for a Huey Hardcore!

    Great Q Splinter!! You are now putting heat on DK for MVP of topical themed workouts.

    That song was a lot longer than I remembered. Man my shoulders hurt after that Tunnel of Love.