Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Almost time for the yellow hat


A PAX of nine posted in the cool, quiet Gloom at this morning’s version of #ThePunisheRVA.

The Thang:

Mosey across the Linwood Holton Elementary parking lot to the school yard for the start-up COP with 25 x Imaginary Jumpropes, 25 x Imperial Walkers, 25 x Don Quixotes, and 25 x Standing Snow Angels.

Jog down Laburnum Avenue, take a left on Hermitage, run to the grassy median off of Wilmington Avenue.  Complete 11 x Squat Thrusts, 22 x Staggered Merkins, and 33 x Rosalitas.  Up and jog another block to the Confederate Avenue grassy median for 11 x Burpees, 22 x Carolina Dry Docks, and 33 x Flutter Kicks.  Stand and jog another block to the Palmyra Avenue grassy median for 11 x Mountain Climbers, 22 x Merkins, and 33 x Hello Dollys.  Up and jog to the intersection of Westwood Avenue and Brookland Park Boulevard for 11 x Squats, 22 x Wide Grip Merkins, and 33 x Freddie Mercurys.  Touch the wall and return to Palmyra, then Confederate, then Wilmington completing 11 x Donkey Kicks, Side Lunges, and Squat Jumps; 22 x Wide Grip Carolina Dry Docks, Close Grip Merkins, and Close Grip Carolina Dry Docks; and 33 x LBCs, Russian Twists, and V-Ups.  Return to the school.

Circle up around the security camera pole in the front field.  One PAX member completes 7 x WW I Sit-Ups while remaining PAX Crab Walk away from the pole.  First PAX member announces completion of Sit-Ups and flips to start Merkins.  Remaining PAX Bear Crawls back to the pole.  First guy stops Merkins when all have returned to the pole.  Next guy up, same thing.  Rotate through until all have had a go.

Short mosey and circle up for Burpee Circle.  One PAX member completes 5 Burpees while the others are completing Windshield Wipers from Plank position.  If so inclined, make a lap around the circle once done with the Burpees.  About mid-way through, PAX flipped over to LBCs while the Burpee rounds were completed.  Stay in circle once done for some brief stretching.


Swirly didn’t break out his yellow hat yet.  It was 37 degrees this morning.  Not quite cold enough perhaps.

No SSHs – can you dig it?


Second F – 10/21/15 – Splinter’s house – see earlier preblast – run at 5:30 and social at 6:00

GoRuck – 10/24/15 – ask Honey Do

Great Pumpkin 5K – 10/31/15 – ask Swirly






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  1. I dig it! Down with the SSH (you’re welcome TYA)! Thanks for the Q and a special welcome back to cold mornings.