Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

MAXIMUS !!!!!!!


11 strong emerged from the fartsack and posted at 45MOM today.  Weather was crisp and clear, 58 degrees and clear,

The Thang:

Mosey to far side of school.  Disclosure and announcement of the birth of Maximus Alexander Bleile.  Workout today to be done in his honor.  Little Baby Crunches x89 (Maximus was 8 lbs 9 oz at birth), SSH x20, through the tunnel x 20, arm circles x15 forward, arm circles x15 backwards, Merkins x 10.  Mosey to tennis courts for “The Pusher”.  All plank along side of tennis court.  First PAX run from baseline to service tee, sideways to middle of court, forward to net, sideways to right side of court, backwards to service line, sideways to next court and repeat through the four courts. Next PAX starts when first PAX reaches net.  All plank when finished.  10 WWi situps, Repeato x 4. Mosey to soccer field for 11’s.  Two exercises are Lt. Dans and Merkins.  Run to tree line forward and run back to sideline backwards during the 11’s.  Mosey to field near parking area.  American Hammer’s x 20, Alphabet OYO, 35x Little Baby Crunches.

COT for prayer and announcements.


Congratulations to Steve and K.C on the birth of their son Maximus.  We started with 89 LBC’s to acknowledge his birth weight and 35 LBC’s at the end to acknowledge Wedding Singer’s current age.  During the COT we said a prayer for Maximus and Steve and K.C.  Maximus has a good start on life with a community of folks who care for him.  Cannot wait until he posts at his first workout.  Shocked that Dad did not post this morning….not.

YHC was trying to sneak onto the tennis courts to scout out the new exercise this morning.  I pulled up, parked quietly on the side of the road and figured out the exercise.  When I pulled into the AO parking spot afterwards, Swirly said “guess you are Q’ing today”. He said he had a little bit of conspiracy in him,  You cannot get away with doing anything without him noticing.

Not much mumble chatter this morning.  Fudd not posting slows down the chatting a little bit.  We missed you out there today.  Expected to hear something about baseball playoffs or something else topical.

We did the 11’s across the soccer fields today towards the big trees.  On the first go, Sippy went down due to uneveness on the soccer field (no damage to sippy).  YHC almost took a tumble as well.  I thought soccer fields were supposed to be flat?  Lots of confusion over whether we were going to the big trees or small trees.  I think people were hoping that we were hitting the small trees because they were closer.

Happy Birthday Maximus.

See you in the gloom.


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great job guys. Welcome to the world Maximus. Already starting off with an awesome name. F3 nickname TBD when you first post.

  2. Welcome Maximus! I guess we found out that the Bleile home is not a true Patriot family. A real fan would have named his son after Tom Brady or at least make his initials match. Oh well Bills Mafia will always welcome new fans. LOL

  3. Wedding Singer on

    Thanks TYA and everyone for welcoming Maximus! Hope to see you all in the gloom soon.

    Believe me Wilson, Brady was in the running, especially from the maternal side. I just couldn’t pull the trigger.