Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

#SouceofTruth Goes Cross Country


Two of the faithful posted at Source of Truth this morning to enjoy the crisp autumn morning. Lugnut planted the SF, and this is how it went down:

Jville on Q:
Mosey beneath the massive white oaks by the school for COP.
ssh x25
circular leg lifts x20
don quiote x25
imperial walkers / hillbillies x20

Lugnut on Q:
Cross Country run to and around Clover Hill HS (2mi+).
Return to SF and mosey to soccer field inside track.
11s (jump and touch crossbar / LBCs) sprint to midfield and back.

Mosey to hill up to tennis courts.
Ascending clock merkins to 5.

Jville on Q:
freddie mercs x25
alabama prom dates x25
circular leg lifts x20


Although we lacked numbers this morning, YHC and Lugnut managed to put in a good workout. While running around Clover Hill HS, we did not see a walker on the right side of the road shrouded in near total darkness. As we pulled alongside, the walker lit up his/her mobile phone casting a surprisingly bright light into the surroundings. Lugnut nearly jumped out of his skin and accelerated to something near a 5:50 min/mi pace. Lugnut is going to love those free-range dogs at next year’s BRR!



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  1. Thanks DK! Feel the love. One would have thought as the kids get older life gets easier………..NOT! I’ll be back!