Wednesday, September 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The day before tomorrow


Five faithful attended a crisp morning workout at the Source of Truth.

The thang:

Mosey  near track for COP – 20 LBC, 20 Don Q, 20 Hillbillies, 20 Mountain Climbers, 20 LBCs

Catch me if you can – partner up, first partner runs backwards on track, second partner does 5 merkins and runs to Partner 1. Switch, Partner 1 does 5 merkins, partner 2 runs backwards. Repeat until each partner has completed 25 merkins.

Ring of Fire – 50 burpees. Each person does one burpee while the others TD Al Gore. rotate around up to 50.

Mosey to basketball courts

bear crawl suicide – bear crawl down, run back to the baseline

Ring of Fire – 50 WWI situps total by increments of 1, PAX hold legs 6” of ground.

Four Corners – entire 4 courts. 5 burpees, 10 derkins, 15 slow bending squats, 20 WWII situps.

Ring of Fire – 100 Merkins total, increments of 2, PAX planks

Four Corners – same as above, in reserves, running backwards

Wilson’s Wife workout #45 – each person chooses one exercise for person to the left,and so on around circle. Rotate exercises until everyone has done each exercise.

Standard suicide

Mosey to flag.

Moleskin – the mornings have certainly grown dark. Good workout today guys. Thanks to Splinter convincing the PAX that ‘running the second Four Corners back’ meant to literally run backwards as well. Caution, running backwards creates a hotbed for collisions, luckily all were avoided today, narrowly.

Normal workouts this week. Same announcements for other events – Rugged Maniac Oct 10, Bottom to Tap Oct 17.

YHC signed everyone up for the Go Ruck, better get ready. It was Honey Do’s idea.


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  1. TClaps to you guys for fitting so much into 45 minutes.
    It’s always strange when neither TYA nor Bleeder shows…of course, Singer listed six members of the PAX including the Q…so maybe TYA or Bleeder was there.

  2. Nice work, fellas. I’ve been eyeing that “Catch me if you can” exercise for a while. Glad to see you squeeze it in. What am I missing with the title, and who the hell is that Wilson character that keeps commenting with no posting!?

  3. I know, just busting your chops;) There’s just a void in the Gloom, is all, and TYA misses you terribly.