Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Respect the AO by Expansion


53 degrees, nice breezes, and a much better than expected morning greeted 4 of the Faithful who were later joined by 2 of the strong DogPilers who swallowed the DoubleDip Pill. Here’s how it went:

Parking Lot COP:

x25 SSH IC
X25 DQs IC
x25 IWs IC
x25 CDDs IC
x25 Reverse Mountain Climbers IC
x25 APDs IC

Mosey to the paved Field Events Venue on upper GridIron for COP:

x25 Slow Deep Squats IC
x25 Alternating Reverse Lunges IC
x25 APDs IC
Superman Holds

Mosey to the AO high ground between upper GridIron and Pouncey Tract Road (the “High Ground”):

Beast – Merkins, CDDs, Merkins, CDDs, Merkins, and CDDs with intervening planks for total 108 Merkins and 108 CDDs

Still at the High Ground:

x25 PLTs x2
Protractor Penmanship ALL CAPS OYO
x25 Hello Dollies IC
x25 PLTs x2
x25 APDs IC
x26 PLTs (alternating legs) x1
Merkin ISO Holds to Planks to Pikes (rinse and repeat x3)
Up position APD with leg extensions and heel walk backs
x25 CDDs IC

Mosey back to Parking Lot


Announcements: October events including Bottom to Tap 3-Miler, GoRuck, Rugged Manic, and Great Pumpkin Run; The Colonial in April.

Discussion re Q coverage needs – DK confirming availability to Q next Saturday at GridIron; also need Q at GridIron for 10/17/15.  Signups on Google Sheets under Schedule of F3 website for F3 RVA.

Prayer concerns – unspoken

Strong Groh-led prayer concluded the BOM huddle.


The AO expanded this morning with a venture to the High Ground to avoid any turf damage to the football and soccer fields.  Groh, DK, and J’ville – senstive and wise PAX?  Or mud-adverse?  In any event, the High Ground proved to be a solid site for the Beast.

A Burpee-free workout today (except for DK who self-imposed after he caused a workout disruption by kindly arranging for the gloveless Groh to become gloved).

It seems that Honey Do and Chum Bucket DoubleDipped because of their affection for PLTs – they were not disappointed (and pushed them out rapidly).

Coffeteria discussions covered lots of topics but one of the more interesting concerned the variety of dispositions brought by J’Ville to the workouts.  It was observed that J’ville was highly determined today, exhibiting excellent Merkins and CDDs form during the Beast.  There ensued discussion about the “angry J’Ville” (usually reserved for his Qs), the “mellow J’ville” and the intervening degrees of J’villeness.  #JekyllandHyde.

Colossians 3:23



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  1. I was tempted, as I drove in and saw the PAX right next to the road in the middle of the beast, to keep on driving. Glad I knew Chum Bucket was right behind me so I had to pull in and join in the fun. And was rewarded with all the PLTs one could ever want.

  2. Ha, I might have done the same thing, Honey Do. The Double Beast is rough. Well done, fellas.