Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Sunshine Patriots


Five of the Faithful and posted this morning at the GridIron with Donor Kebab planting the ShovelFlag.  We were joined at halftime by two committed Double-Dippers who, after a solid beat down at DogPile, wanted some more (or, in the case of one, thirsted for the post-workout coffee fellowship).  The PAX got a reprieve from the heavy rain forecast and instead enjoyed a refreshing temperature and a light breeze.  YHC took the Q on the fly so reserve is made for errors and omissions in that which follows.


Mosey to the front near side of Short Pump Middle School for COP:

x20 IWs IC
x20 DQs IC
x20 SSHs IC
x20 Seal Jacks IC
x20 Plank Jacks IC
x20 Predator Jacks IC
x20 APDs IC
x20 Reverse Mountain Climbers IC
Superman Holds

Mosey to front of school for Triple Check – Wall Chairs, Planks, and Runs (rinse and repeat for 3 sets)

Stay on curb for x20 Decline Merkins, x20 Incline Merkins, and x20 Dips OYO (rinse and repeat for 2 sets)
Carolina Dry Docks OYO to failure

Mosey to Pillars:

x25 PLT, All CAPS Protractor, and x25 PLT
x20 APDs IC
X20 Reverse Mountain Climbers IC
x25 PLT, All CAPS Protractor, and x25 PLT
x20 Squats IC
x20 Alternating Lunges IC
Squat Jumps with Pillar Pavilion Roof touch OYO to failure
x3 Merkin ISOs
Planks to Pikes (rinse and repeat for 3 sets)
Pillar Cross Beam dead man hangs to failure (rinse and repeat for 2 sets)

Slaughter Finisher – x20 Burpees OYO

Lunge Walk

Mosey back to ShovelFlag



Discussion re Q coverage needs – no man is indispensable, every man is equipped to lead.

Donor Kebab reported on Bottom to Tap 3-Miler on October 17.  DK is the czar on this – see him for detail and commitments.

GoRuck on October 23 and 24 – Honey Do is the man to speak to about this event.

Rugged Maniac – talk to Wilson

Prayer concerns – blessings of wisdom and discernment requested for our children; unspoken concerns acknowledged.

YHC closed the BOM with prayer.


Solid second posting by London – well done (especially after the disappointing Wahoo showing last night)!  And bring your in town visitors next week as FNGs.  Is there a youth movement afoot at the GridIron?  Great EH by DK!

Johnsonville must have really liked last week’s Convergence because he was chomping at the bit for a GridIron kickoff (or a pre-game gut-check) a good 20 minutes before 0700.  Though not quite as early, Chum Bucket posted in plenty of time for more good morning pleasantries than generally permitted.

Conspiracy and Wilson double-dipped and were “exclusive” by partnering up on the PLTs.  That’s good because YHC has observed among the PAX some maneuvering to avoid pairing with Conspiracy given his proclivity for throwing down some “optional” obliques.

Coffeteria at Daily Grind – Iron sharpens Iron.  Also, the PAX include a couple “go to guys” with exquisite and sensitive spousal gift giving skills.  DK and London: thanks for the show and tell – there may be hope now for my M and the Ms of other PAX who suffer from gift-giving impairment syndrome.

Stand Firm!


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