Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Arms Race


17 Faithful beat the fartsack this morning for the gun show at Mary Munford Elementary. Most of the PAX seemed to have figured out the parking situation, and @Bleeder planted the shovel flag. An extended #mumblechatter-style “Happy Birthday” to Fudd was rudely interrupted as YHC kicked off the festivities.


Mosey to the NW corner of the school grounds

Warm-up COP (all in cadence/IC)
– SSH x25
– Arm circles: small fwd x10, small backward x10, large backward x10
– Merkins – full range with locked elbows and hands off the ground at the bottom x8
– LBCs x 26
– Russian Soldiers x20

Mosey to the tennis courts. Plank while YHC explains what’s next.

Arm Circuit around the Track – Divide into 4 groups and each group goes to one of four stations. When you finish, go to the next station. Hit all stations 3x
– Monkey Bars corner – 30 dips
– Pull Up Bars corner – Pull ups, your max +5 with help from fellow PAX
– Parallel Bars corner – 15 inverted pulls with hands in chin-up orientation
– “Sandbox” corner – 20 full-range decline Merkins

Plank up at tennis courts area when finished

P90X “Karen Pot Stirs” – 15 sec each arm
Rosalitas x 16
Freddie Mercuries x 16

Mosey to the trees

11s – Flutter kicks & Cobras (aka “Fudd’s birthdays”) and alternate Bear Crawls & Crab Walk between trees


Great to see @Razor back with us. Welcome back!

Others have probably noticed as well, but @Toucan is doing an excellent job of showing up, working hard, and really getting better, faster, stronger. Keep it up!

#Mumblechatter was pretty scarce this morning, Hopefully a sign of a good & challenging workout.

YHC is keenly aware of my need to improve on arm exercises, particularly pull-ups. Today’s workout was a kick-start to improve. Today I took a before picture, and took a look into the future for the after version.

Hopefully this benefitted the PAX as well and your arm soreness later on will be evidence of getting stronger.

The Steelers have the Rams this week. Can they repeat what the Redskins did last week? #KirkCousinsMVP


“Bottom to Tap” 3-miler on 10/17, Richmond F3 PAX running together. Use code “F3” to save $5 at registration. @Doner Kebab is looking for help to man the F3 tent starting ~9AM. Let him know if you are up for the task.

Go Ruck 10/24. Contact @HoneyDo for details


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