Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Cubed Fire


Eight RVA F3 faithful posted for a cool breezy beginning of fall workout.

The Thang:

mosey to field for COP,  in cadence -20 Side Straddle, 15 Don Q, 20 Alabama Prom Dates, 20 Flutter Kicks, 10 Merkins

Cube check-

Triple Check #1 – Balls to the wall, slow bending squat, run

Ring of Fire #1 – 7 burpees OYO, touchdown Al Gore in between

Triple Check #2 – Imperials Squat Walker, plank dips, run

Ring of Fire #2 – 104 total WWII situps, legs 6 inches off ground in between

Triple Check #3 – Peoples Chair, peter parker merkin, run

mosey to corner near AP Hill statue

Ring of Fire #3 – 104 total werkins, plank in bewteen

Dealers choice 5 minutes of mary – Xs and Os, Wilson’s Wife, American Hammers, reverse mountain climbers, mountain climbers, LBCs


Great effort this morning. Everyone seemed in good spirits, YHC believes the Convergence had a re-energizing effect on the PAX. We’ve all busted our butts to become better physically and mentally over the past year, the transformation is real and inspiring.

In honor of the Ole Miss beatdown on Alabama this weekend as discussed pre-workout by the PAX, the prom dates were thrown in.  In honor of the Pats win over the Bills, added a little Wilson’s Wife, as the mouth of Wilson could not be heard.

Qs needed this week and weekend, please check the spreadsheet. BT bringin it tomorrow at NoToll.



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  1. No words can describe how disappointed I am……that Wilson’s mouth was silenced. Damn Brady/Belicheck. I heard they paid off the refs! LOL!