Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

F3Richmond Converges at #Gridiron to Celebrate its 1 Year Anniversary


One year ago, 24 men planted a shovel flag at #GridIron, and thus planted the seed that has grown into F3Richmond.  Thirty five of the faithful, and three FNGs, returned to #GridIron this morning to celebrate the anniversary.  Although the headliner workout began at 0700, roughly half of those posted at 0600 for a double-dose of gloom in an eerie pre-dawn fog.


0600 Workout — Toga on Q
Mosey to upper field for COP warmup:
20x SSH
15x Merkins
20x Don Quixote
20x imperial walkers

Mosey to track for speed work:
100 yds 50%, 75%, and 100% x 4
Mosey the curves
4x 100 yd partner carries alternating as needed

0600 Workout — Bleeder on Q
Mosey to front of school
Triple Check, people’s chair, dips, running the bus loop
Mosey to the Soccer field
leg lift, LBC ring of Fire,
Merkin, ring of Fire.
Mosey back to the Shovel Flag

0700 Workout — Earthworm on Q
Mosey to upper football field near entrance for MEGA COP
20x seal jacks
20x plank jacks
20x predator jacks
20x star jacks (OYO)
10x push up jacks
2 sets of 25x partner leg tosses (OYO)
60 sec. iso squats (charismatic style)
25x squats
20x speed skaters
20x reverse lunges
25x squats
2 sets of 25x partner leg tosses (OYO)
burpee broad jump from 35/40 yard line to end zone (OYO)
25x Alabama prom dates

0700 Workout — Johnsonville on Q
Mosey to football field near parking area.
Four Square (run around perimeter of 1/2 of football field 4 times, the first sprinting side 1, the second sprinting sides 1 and 2, the third sprinting sides 1, 2, and 3, and the third sprinting sides 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Mosey to paved roadway into school.
Ascending / descending curb crawls up to 8 and back down.

Chiabattas alternating between standing mountain climbers and mountain climbers.

Mosey to soccer field in front of school.
Ascending 18 meter crab walks to 10

Mosey to center of field for COP
4 minutes of Mary consisting of Freddy Mercs, Dollys, and Russian Twists, all in cadence.


In the early morning darkness, FNG Grunt flaunted his youth by out-sprinting most of the Pax while running backwards.  YHC noticed that Grunt seemed to slow down a little during the 0700 workout. Perhaps he decided to take it easy on the older generation. Offshore showed impressive speed on the sprints. Conspiracy eventually took ownership, however.

During the partner carries, Toga stridently rejected YHC and Bleeder for, shall we say a “less gravatationally challenging” Fudd.

Earthworm kicked off the 0700 workout with a COP in the middle of the upper football field.  A nearly forty-man COP is quite a sight to behold, almost stretching from sideline to sideline.  At that hour, the fog had not yet lifted, and YHC could see mere outlines of the men on the other side of the COP.

Abacus owned the Four Square, easily out running his competition by at least 50m. Later, toward the end of the 0700 workout, Abacus pulled out a phone on selfie-stick and began recording himself giving passionate commentary on the workout and F3, while he performed mountain climbers.  That hyper-burst of energy immediately spread throughout the Pax, increasing excitement and camaraderie.  Way to bring the energy, Abacus!

Between workouts, Earthworm led, and most of the Pax attended, a 3rdF Bible study that he referred to as the “Pre-Game Gut Check:  Slaying Giants.”  The Pax took a look at the unlikely king — God’s “911 Guy” — a small boy who tended sheep, yet rose up to rescue his nation from annihilation by killing the giant, Goliath.  God looks at the hart of a man, not the exterior.  He looks for men who are faithful, even in the small things; who, when the trying times come, act boldly and confidently; who overcome negatively; who plan for contingencies; who run, not walk, to the battle-lines; and who will not stand for wrongdoing.  David, the “911 Guy,” is a great example of who we, as men, are called to be.

The anniversary convergence was a huge success.  F3Richmond touched upon every aspect of F3 this morning — fitness, faith, and fellowship.  The COP filled up a football field, and the fellowship gathering  afterwards filled up the coffeteria.  YHC sends a big “THANK YOU” to Earthworm for tirelessly promoting the convergence and to the #DogPile regulars for traveling way out to the ‘burbs.



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  1. Well done, men! Glad to be a part of it, and the Gloom couldn’t have been more perfect for the Convergence.

  2. Disappointed that I was out of town for this one. Sounds like it was a great celebration. Congrats to all, well done men!

  3. So glad to be part of this group the last year…great year, guys!

    Toga asked us to partner up…he picked Fudd…I picked Cowboy and Fireman Carried him (properly) for about 50m before my shoulder asked me to no longer do so…

    I would also like my comment to document the fact that Grunt was originally named Prince Harry because he doesn’t look like his daddy like Prince Harry doesn’t look like his daddy…the name lasted 60 min before he was renamed.

    London was also renamed 5 minutes after he was named PrimeTime for being a 2 sport athlete at UVA (Baseball and Football).

    F3RVA 1 Year Anniversary Pictures in the gloom: http://imgur.com/a/XLwBa

    F3 RVA 2015 Convergence