Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

All the King’s Army and all the King’s Men…


…showed up for a solid beatdown at 45MOM on a beautiful morning in the Gloom.  Humpty Dumpty was nowhere to be seen, but 25 strong PAX were in full force.  AYE!!  Here is how it went down.


Mosey to the corner of Westmoreland St. and Grove Ave (hereby known as the “Safe Zone”) for COP:

25x SSH

12x Merkins

20x Don Quixote

30x LBC

20x Copperhead Squat


Mosey to the track on the Westmoreland Side (far away from the gatekeeper’s house) for the B.O.M.B.S., which went like this:

Partner up.  One partner runs the 1/4 mile track while the other performs the designated exercise.  Once the lap is completed, switch places and repeat until the required number of repetitions is achieved as a team.  Exercises and targets were:

Burpee x 50

Carolina Drydock x 100

Merkin x 150

Big Boy/WWII Situp x 200

Squat x 250

Mosey back to the corner of Westmoreland/Grove for 3 Minutes of Mary:

Captain Thor x 10 (1 WWII situp followed by (2) 4-count American Hammers)

Mosey back to Shovel Flag for COT.



What an impressive showing today, men! 25 may be a record, and hopefully iit will continue to be broken.  YHC got pretty amped when he turned around to address the PAX at the beginning of the B.O.M.B.S. and saw the RVA Army.  Well done!

Welcome to Col. Sanders and Free Smells!  Looking forward to having you out again and again.  Welcome also to BabyBack from NC.  Always glad to have F3 brothers visiting, so make sure to come back.

As you may have noticed, we did “B.C.M.B.S” instead of “B.O.M.B.S” as YHC could not figure out an Overhead Clap maneuver that seemed challenging, so he went with Carolina Drydocks.  If anyone knows what the Overhead Clap is, please respond.  Sounds too much like Bullhead Clap to be appealing, IMO.

As usual, the exercise ran longer than usual, but YHC feels that there was adequate pain.  It’s always hard to get good mumblechatter in circuits like that, but Toga was quick to point out YHC’s gasping after one of the runs.  Hopefully, he was able to spread additional “encouragement” to the rest of the PAX during the workout as he is prone to do, and I know he liked Free Smells squat form.  The PAX seemed to enjoy the Captain Thor addition, and it should be noted that per the F3 website, Rocky defeated Russia and thereby Russian Twists should be called American Hammers.  Makes sense to me.

Finally, there was a whole lotta Respect that posted today.  Solid work, men!

Announcements:  RAMM run at 0530 tomorrow

1yr F3RVA Convergence at Gridiron at 0700 on Saturday.  BRING A FRIEND AND BRING A SHOVEL FLAG IF YOU’VE GOT ONE.  We should have a great turnout.  The normal Dogpile workout at 0600 will be at Gridiron on Saturday instead, so if you want to Double Dip you will get the full pull.  Also, we’ll have a 3rd F intermission between the two workouts.

Great job today, guys.  Thanks for allowing me to lead.










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  1. It wasn’t Grizzly workout fun, but it was good anyway. Very solid Q that was made better by having so many in the PAX. Yes, Free Smells does have squat form that we should all emulate, and the Overhead Clap is a silly exercise if it’s what I think it is. Imagine standing with hands to sides and raising them above your head to clap (like the arm only portion of a SSH). It can’t be that. Someone must have come up with a special F3 version.., or contracted something.