Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What’s Next?


Four showed up to tackle a trail run on a cool Sunday morning.

The Thang: We ran!

Moleskin: As the cars pulled up YHC quickly realized the A game needed to be present. Trophy led in the beginning, but Pommel was STRONG and kept Trophy in check. Offshore was keeping up nicely. Then there was YHC. While YHC had a personal best on the first half of the trails, they continued to double back to find me!

During my run, I was reflecting on the challenge our BRR team faced this weekend and how proud RVA F3 is of this group! Well done fellas.

So what’s next? Check out the video!

Be sure to remember next Saturday is convergence! See you all there!



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  1. Really cool video; trail running in the snow looks awesome and hard. Looking forward to making it back out and hearing all the BRR stories!

  2. Ok Wilson, the android app update just came through. I’ve added my Twitter handle. What’s next?