Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



The Thang
4 post to the Gloom on a dry but humid morning.

Hallelujah Mosey to the grass area in front of the school
15x Don Quioxte
30x SSH
30x LBC
30 x Imperial Walkers
15 x Jumpers
Hallelujah Mosey to the basketball court
Super 21
Under each basket do 1 merkin/1 lbc increase by 1 each
Rotate through until you reach 21 merkins/21 lbc’s.
#1-8 merkin/ww2
Jog down & back
#9-16 werkin/flutter kick
Jog down & back
#17-21 carolina dry dock/lbc
Hallelujah Mosey to the track
800 meter run
400 meter backwards
Hallelujah Mosey to poles
4 minutes of pole smokers
YHC thought I might be flying solo today with the BRR athletes resting for their upcoming adventure. I could not have been more wrong.

Wilson made a rare and early citing at SOT today, it was good to have him and his mumble chatter back.

Toucan brought forth an excellent effort this a.m. Despite prior week consumption issues he excelled throughout, there was a little concern on the pole smokers that what goes in might come out. Fortunately, all went well.

While doing the COP YHC must have closed my eyes doing lbc’s. When I reopened them all of a sudden Toga had appeared, it was an I Dream of Jeannie moment. I’m not sure that’s a dream? Maybe a nightmare? All good Toga rocked it in a very casual way.

Good work men.


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