Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Back in the saddle


Lucky eleven posted for a return to the gloom at Dogpile.  Here’s how it went down:

Mosey to Carillon run to top and repeato x2 before mosey to the parking circle for warm-up COP:

20 mtn climbers, 20 Don Quixote, 20 leg raises, 10 merkins (stress good form),.. some other stuff.

Mosey to field in front of Carillon for spint fun= sprint 30 yds, 20 split jumps, sprint, 15 merkins, sprint, 10 burpees, sprint: repeato x2

Partner up for the same with alternating fireman’s carries.

Stay with the same partner for the “Towering Inferno”= run up Carillon steps, wheelbarrow across top, run down, and 20 leg raises.  Each partner wheelbarrow x2.

Mosey to pull-up bars for 8 good form pull-ups, run down the pipe trail, ab fun, run back up the pipe and repeato x3.

Mosey back to SF for more core fun and COT.


It turns out that the return of the gloom means that the Q needs to think about when to run the trails or require headlights.  The original plan called for running the pipe earlier in the workout, but that may have proven tough.  YHC hadn’t been back to DogPile in some time, and it’s always a treat to be back at one of the best AOs in RVA.  The PAX needs to work on fireman’s carries as it seems we’ve become a bit too comfy with piggy backs.  The only problem with this is when your partner goes for an aggressive adjustment on the initial lift.., looking at you Garbage Plate.

There was lots of hard work out there today with everyone pushing themselves.  Great work!


0700 Labor Day Workout at the usual AO

Donor Kebab is coordinating our group for the Bottom to Tap 3-Miler on October 17.  see him for detail and commitments.

GoRuck on October 23 and 24 – Honey Do is the man to speak to about this event.

Convergence and celebration of F3 RVA One Year Anniversary on September 19 – DogPile that day will rendezvouz at Pouncey Tract at 0600 under Toga/Bleeder Q; GridIron pre-game at 0645 -0650 (after DogPile COT) under Parking Lot Pavilion; GridIron kickoff at normal time of 0700 under Johnsonville/Earthworm Q.  Great morning in store for the PAX and ideal time to introduce FNGs to F3.


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