Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Park Anywhere and No Noise Restrictions


Four of the Faithful posted at the GridIron with Donor Kebab planting the ShovelFlag.  Another glorious morning in the RVA, so much so that six strong men of the DogPile crew dashed over and joined us to make us ten strong for the all important second half.  The West End WildCats youth football season is in full swing resulting in some musical accompaniment to the workout.  This is what we did – reserve made for some omissions and overstatements.


Set of Jacks:
x25 Seal Jacks
x25 Plank Jacks
x25 Predator Jacks
x10 Merkin Jacks
x25 Star Jacks

x25 Partner Leg Toss
x10 Burpees Regular

Mosey to drain caldera towards school front

Squats and Lunges:

ISO Squat Hold – 45 seconds
x25 Regular Squats
x25 Curtsy Lunges – Left
x25 Lateral Lunges – Right
x25 Reverse Lunges w/ High Knee Finish – Right
x25 Curtsy Lunges – Right
x25 Lateral Lunges – Left
x25 Reverse Lunges w/ High Knee Finish – Left
x25 Squats with Knee Tuck Jumps

x25 PLTs (rinse and repeat with some obliques)

Mosey to Upper GridIron

x10 Burpees Broad Jump
x25 PLTs

40s/Lindsey’s – Merkins/LBCs

x10 Burpees Rotational Jump
x25 PLTs

40s/Lindsey’s – Carolina Dry Docks/Mountain Climbers

10 Minutes of Mary:

Downward Dog to Half Crab extensions
x25 PLTs
x25 Alabama Prom Dates
Back Bridge Holds
x25 Rosalitas
x25 PLTs
Crab Twists
x25 APDs
Left arm and right arm Plank Dips

ISO Squat Hold – One minute
20 yard Lunge Walk

Mosey to Parking Lot



Special one hour of The Punisher this Labor Day Monday – note: 0700 start time.  Coffee afterwards.

BRR team heading out on Thursday and returning Saturday evening – need a Q at DogPile for that Saturday (September 12) at 0600; Loose Goose on the Q for GridIron that day at 0700 with some Q assistance from Groh.

Donor Kebab reported on Bottom to Tap 3-Miler on October 17.  DK is the czar on this – see him for detail and commitments.

Honey Do reported on GoRuck on October 23 and 24 – Honey Do is the man to speak to about this event.

Convergence and celebration of F3 RVA One Year Anniversary on September 19 – DogPile that day will rendezvouz at Pouncey Tract at 0600 under Toga/Bleeder Q; GridIron pre-game at 0645 -0650 (after DogPile COT) under Parking Lot Pavilion; GridIron kickoff at normal time of 0700 under Johnsonville/Earthworm Q.  Great morning in store for the PAX and ideal time to introduce FNGs to F3.  In lieu of 20 counts we’ll look forward to some testimonies about F3 impacts.

Ashe being installed as Pastor at Cambridge Baptist Church on September 13 at 1030 service.  Stand Firm.

Prayer requests were solicited, blessings sought for children returning to school and Ashe’s pastoral calling, and unspoken concerns acknowledged.

BOM with strong Groh-led prayer of praise and supplication.  Where is our leadership needed this week?


Welcome to Honey Do for his first GridIron!  And glad to have Conspiracy back out at GridIron – reaffirming that there’s a strong demand by the GridIron regulars for a Conspiracy Q with the Ladies!  Another impressive showing by the other 4 DogPile DoubleDippers – Swirly, Chum Bucket, Toga, and Bleeder.  T-Claps.  Sorry you missed the first half leg and glute burn and thanks for keeping the numbers even for PLTs.

The PAX were in a linear arrangement for the second half – YHC, with a bad left ear, was poorly positioned on the right flank to pick up the MumbleChatter – anything good is worth a comment.

Coffeteria at Daily Grind – good coffee and better fellowship.  Turnaround – sometimes the elusive signs we seek are at our six, not our front.

Psalm 116:1-2


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