Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Introducing Foursquare at #noToll


Twenty-one of the faithful appeared at #noToll to greet September ’15.  The weather was comfortable, and the PAX was eager for #gloom.  YHC, Johnsonville, took the Q, and this is how it went down (more or less):

Warm up with 15x Long Slow Squats, 25x Don Quiote, 25x Hillbillies, 25x Standing Mountain Climbers.

Mosey to far right soccer field
8 contra burpees
Ciabatta alternating between right leg Alabama prom date and left leg Alabama prom date
Foursquare (i.e., run perimeter of soccer field 4 times, sprinting (i) first side on first loop, (2) first and second sides on second loop, (3) first, second, and third sides on third loop, and (4) first, second, third, and fourth sides on fourth loop).

Mosey to far left soccer field
8 contra burpees
Ciabatta alternating between bearcrawl and cralbear

Mosey to beachers at front soccer field
8 contra burpees
Ciabatta alternating between dips and Carolina dradocks


The workout today was a bit unusual in that we skipped SSHs, perhaps for the first time ever, and we did almost no core.  YHC would have preferred another round of Foursquare and several minutes of Mary.  But, 45 minutes goes by fast.

It was good to see strong numbers at #noToll again today.  Good luck getting those kids off to school over the next few weeks.  Keep your chins up — winter is coming!

— Johnsonville

PS Notes:
— Special 1 hour #Punisher on Labor Day starting at 0700.
— Please focus energy on bringing at least one FNG (and/or wayward F3’er) to the convergence at #GridIron on 9/19.
— We need Qs for Friday 9/11 (RAMM) and Saturday 9/12 (Dogpile and Gridiron).  Time to #RedPill.


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  1. Nice job JVille! The gloom is definitely growing the further we get from summer but the group is getting bigger … will keep trying to get some friends to RedPill this Thang!

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