Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Crawl-a-Rama at #GridIron


Twelve of the faithful posted at #GridIron on a lovely late-summer morning to swallow that #RedPill. Roughly half of those came over from #DogPile and arrived in time to join in the Crawl-a-Rama.   This is how the workout went down, more or less —

Warm up near shovel flag
SSH x 40, merk x 15, Don Quiote x 25, LBC x 30

Mosey across parking lot to playground
ciabatta – ab wheel / squat
chiabatta – lat pulls / mountain climbers

Mosey to nearest #GridIron football field for CRAWL-A-RAMA
ladder from 5 to 10 — wheelbarrow from 0 to 20 yard line, 5 partner inverted mil press
switch partners repeat back to 0 yard line, 6 partner inverted mil press
repeat  increments to 10 mil presses

hillbillies x 25

ladder from 10 to 15 — crawlbear from 0 to 10 yard line, 10 merks
crawlbear back to 0 yard line, 11 merks
repeat increments to 15 merks

OYO run around perimeter of football field

ladder from 15 to 20 — crabwalk from 0 to 10 yard line and back, 20 wide merks
repeat increments to 25 wide merks

Indian run 2x around perimeter of football field

ladder from 20 to 24 — bearcrawl from 0 to 10 yard line, 20 LBCs
bearcrawl back to 0 yard line, 21 LBCs
repeat increments to 24 merks

Mosey to fence around baseball field
people’s chair 1 min
elbow plank 1 min
people’s chair 1 min
elbow plank 1 min

Russian twist x 50
Flutter kicks x 25



It was great to have so many double-dippers from #DogPile.  As always, we appreciate the positive energy and enthusiasm that the double-dippers bring.

Isle 5 was bit gimpy from tweaking his back during #DogPile.  Isle 5 has been improving at an amazing pace, and we hope he recovers quickly.

A number of PAX members suggested that YHC is a bit spastic when performing hillbillies and Russian twists.  Those are YHC’s favorites, and they cannot be toned down.

An extra thanks goes out to TYA and Bleeder for organizing our BRR team.  That race has really inspired F3Richmond men to improve their running, and we should be very proud of the effort that has gone into the training and preparations!


PS Notes:
— Special 1 hour #Punisher on Labor Day starting at 0700.
— Please focus energy on bringing at least one FNG (and/or wayward F3’er) to the convergence at #GridIron on 9/19.
— We need someone who is not running BRR to step up to Q #GridIron on 9/12.




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