Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dogpile rearranged and Welcome back Conspiracy


14 strong posted to a Dogpile AO with several obstructions on a beautiful morning, 62 degrees almost like fall conditions, to enter the gloom.


Mosey past orange fence, past normal COP circle to field in front of Carillon

30 SSH, 20 Arm Circles, 25 LBC, 15 Imperial Walkers

Ball Toss & chase – Exercise to ball thrown on the field, sprint the remainder of the field then jog back to start

Round 1 – Lunges, 2 – Bear Crawl, 3 – Crab Walk, 4 – Backwards Run

Mosey to Amphitheater for Escalator sets on the steps – An exercise each step where you repeat previous steps all the way up to 8th step

Set #1

Step 1 – Box Jumps x5 , Step 2 – Dips x10, Step 3 – Russian Twists, Step 4 – Incline Merkins x10, Step 5 – Freddy Mercurys x15, Step 6 – Decline Merkins x10, Step 7 – Flutterkicks x15, Step 8 – Carolina Dry Docks x10

Set #2 – Same order on steps but reduce count for each exercise by 5

Mosey back to Carillon

3 Sets of – Up Carillon steps, bear crawl top, down to end bricks – 10 Merkins

Finish with 2 sets of Pole Smokers x20

Mosey back to the flag


Good to see a large PAX for Dogpile and great to see Conspiracy back this morning, welcome back to the gloom. YHC offered at the start to have the PAX carry Sippy around the AO to help him rest his leg, but looks like he is feeling fine.  Between Sippy and then Swirly saying he hurt himself on RAMM yesterday YHC is fearful for the alternates on the BRR team being called into action.

There was way too much mumblechatter on the Amphitheater Escalator for YHCs liking.  The Winkie said to increase the count by 5 on Round 2 rather than go down but YHC chose to audible to decrease by 5 for time sake.  Next time we will get to the amphitheater sooner to allow for ample time.

Great to see Goldberg and Viral back posting regularly.

Be sure to start EH’ing a FNG for convergence at Gridiron on 9/19. trail Run tomorrow AM.



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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    HoneyDo, I am destined to miss all your workouts. Sounds like a good beatdown and a few of the men were still moaning about the escalator on the steps at Coffee after Gridiron…Good sign!!!