Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Under 10…way under!!!


10 fleet footed F3 PAX posted for the weekly jaunt around Mary Munford.  Weather was ideal, mid 60’s, no humidity and clear skies.  Perfect day for a fast run.

The Thang

Right onto Grove, run to Boulevard and turn around.  4 mile loop run to Wisteria, 5 mile loop run to Tuckahoe, and 6 mile loop run to St. Catherine’s bus loop.  After turnaround point, back to the shovel flag


Lugnut and Bleeder were pushing each other the whole route today.  Having already broken the ten minute mile barrier a month or so ago, they were pushing themselves even harder today.  At one point while Lug Nut was in the lead, Bleeder knowing that Lug Nut was afraid of dogs, started barking to try and slow him down.  In the end, they finished together and they posted a 930 average pace for the 4 mile loop.  Great work guys…level of improvement is impressive.

Many were sporting new shoes today.  At the beginning of the run, Saab, Swirly and LG (I think) all declared that this was the first run in their new kicks.  is August national new shoe month or something.  I had no idea.

Swirly tweaked his back a little during the run today.  Quick healing I hope.  YHC had the pleasure of running with Saab today.  Good to get a little second F in during the run.  I think we solved at least a few of the worlds problems.  After the workout, Bleeder told YHC that when he saw Saab and I arrive together, he immediately was worried that Saab must have gotten injured or something else to slow him down.


BRR is exactly two weeks away.  Team appears to be ready. Stay healthy for the next two weeks guys.

Go Ruck is Mid October.  Contact Honeydo for details.


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Thanks for the run today. Saab, I enjoyed the company. See you next week in the gloom