Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



14 Redwoods appeared in the gloom this am ready for beatdown. With One minute to go, YHC signed up to Q today’s workout. Here’s how it went down.


Mosey to first COP

15X Merkins
20X Imperial Walkers
61x LBC’s

Mosey to Soccer Field

Backwards Sprints

30 Minutes of Four Corners,
20X Merkins, 10 Burpees, 20X Werkins, 40X Flutter Kicks

Meet at Center field
One minute of Mary
14X Box Cutters

Bear Crawl to Bridge
Run back to the Virtual Shovel Flag



Although, there was a slight amount of mumble chatter when YHC signed up to Q with one minute left on the clock, All knew a beat down was in store for the PAX. With the First Circle of Pain, under way, I was remembering the article I read in Sunday’s paper about one of my Dad’s brother rats, Jonathan Daniels, the Valedictorian from the Class of ’61. (61 LBC’s) TIMES DISPATCH ARTICLE I remember my Mom and Dad talking about him in a revered tone. He was killed in Alabama by a Sheriff’s Deputy as he was shielding an african american woman from the shotgun blast only 4 years after graduating from VMI. (4 Corners) I happened to be in Alabama this past weekend racing, and was unaware that it had been 50 years since this had passed. His sacrifice is something that tends to go unnoticed in the many circles we travel in, true leadership is always discussed, but the examples can sometimes be difficult to find.

Kudos to Swirly for Cranking it up a notch, he lapped the entire field minus Fudd. Jville and YHC were maintaining pace with each other through out the 4 corners, His speed is going to come in quite handy during the BRR. Unfortunately for YHC, Merkins are not part of the BRR run.

In preparation of Pucker’s VQ Thursday, Some backwards running was just a warmup today, YHC is sure that his VQ on Thursday will include some Ice Hockey Defensive drills!

When YHC gave the Halfway notice 15 minutes into the 30 minutes of 4 corners, A number of the PAX were not happy about the length of time that was still left on the clock. The Burpees did not get any easier; it was noted that the when Merkins & Werkins seemed like a break, it definitely made for a challenging workout. Pain is just weakness leaving the body.

Welcome back, Toucan, He had been off doing military training, which appeared to include drinking extra quantities of some form of beverage, because it was reported that it was all sweated out this morning during the workout. Drink plenty of Water! Pain is weakness and sweat leaving the Body!


Regular workouts the Rest of the Week

– Hill run on Wednesday night, TYA is sending out more details( Plan on being at the Top of Hillcrest at Cary at 5:30)

– Richmond GoRuck event is on October 23 & 24th. This is a great opportunity to bring in some like-minded FNGs. Talk to Honey Do if you are up for the challenge. Preblast posted a few weeks back. Check it out here Red Light and Blue.

– Convergence Sept 19th, with a 0600 and 0700 workout at Gridiron, No 0600 at Dogpile on the 19th. Bring a Friend.


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  1. Nice job Bleeder! Swirly – your really gonna let Fudd take the lead? I bet his form was not s good as yours! LOL Where is Conspiracy when you need him. See you boys Saturday.

  2. Heck of a Beatdown Bleeder – I’m spent …
    Missed you out there today Wilson – safe travels bro.

  3. What a beat down! I was so glad when you called us into the center of the field. I could not do another merkin or burpee. Great job!

  4. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great workout bleeder. Story about VMI compadre was inspirational. He was fighting on the front lines of that battle, and the struggle still continues