Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ron Weasley’s Birthday


So today is Rupert Grint’s birthday – the actor who played Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter film series.  We didn’t do anything in honor of Ron at today’s edition of #ThePunisheRVA.  Instead, we…

Hopped down and finished 20 Burpees as a Slaughter Starter.

Jogged to the northwest quadrant of the school grounds for the startup COP with Don Quixotes x 20, Imperial Walkers x 20, and Front and Back Arm Circles x 15.

Returned to the front of school for a 1K5K – the PAX of 6 (6 PAX, get it) divided into pairs.  One member of each pair jogged from around to the gravel road and back while his partner started exercises.  Runner returns and tags up – partner takes off on the same run and the first guy picks up where partner left off.  Rinse and repeat until each guy has completed 6 running laps and exercises are completed.  Partner shared exercise targets were Burpees x 100, Single-Count Curb Lunges x 200, Decline Merkins x 300, and Two-Count Flutter Kicks x 400.

Quick stroll to school wall for People’s Chair.  Alternated between left leg up, right leg up, and regular.  Finish with 30 count plank on elbows.  Mosey back to the ShovelFlag.


Good start to the work week.  Not too much complaining about the Burpee start.  Cooler but no breeze at the start of the morning.  Won’t be too long before Fall is here.

It may be filled by now, but we had an open slot or two for the week’s workouts.  Sign up.  Usual schedule plus some running workouts built in.  Stay tuned for details.


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