Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sippy Cup travels to SOT, no wait that’s Isle 5!


5 post to the Gloom on a humid morning.


Mosey to the front by the road
25x SSh
30x LBC
25x Imperial Walkers
25 x Don Quixote
+1 burpee for each car that passes during the COP.
Mosey to basketball court

Ark Loader Suicides
Finishing where we left off last week shooting free throws
Inchworm suicide
Bear crawl suicide
1 full suicide per missed free throw
Mosey to front steps

Steps of Merkin
5 inclined pushup each step (2x)
5 declined pushup each step (2x)
Jog around light pole (2x)

Triple Check 3x
Step ups
Al Gore
Run around loop
Mosey to batting cage

Triple Check 1x
Moses Malones
Wall sits
Run around tires and back on the broad jump track into the sand pit
Mosey to the parking lot
Ring of Fire
5 Merkins 2x

A small but mighty crew posted this morning for an entertaining workout

Isle 5 got the morning started right by jogging to SOT. He was channeling his inner Sippy Cup and carrying two bottles of water.

Under the pressure of a crab walk suicide Wilson steps up and makes the free throw, the first of the PAX to do so I might add. Well done, YHC thanks you for saving me from the crab walk.

Wedding Singer has some hidden jets in his shoes. During the Triple check he ran with YHC during the first 2 legs and smoked me on the 3rd. YHC did not run slowly on the 3rd leg.

TYA is great!

Rock solid, no man left behind crew of guys today.
Well done!


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  1. Great Q today! I’v driven by SOT a few times today and all I think about is “CAR” and have a desire to do a burpee! Well done Aisle 5 for running to/from SOT. You’ve inspired me………..ok, maybe not!

  2. I wish I could have crawled my fat self out of the FS for that. You guys are an inspiration!

  3. Ok, Wilson, admittedly it was a walk/run but in my defense I ran off the trail in the pitch black of the Brandermill darkness. I’d like to thank Bleeder for his generosity this morning. The large fits great. I soaked through it this morning. Great Q Lug Nut. I definitely did more and it wasn’t easier.