Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

North Richmond Crop Circles


A PAX five strong posted for #ThePunisheRVA and we went after it like so:

Mosey to side yard for COP – SSHs x 15, Don Quixotes x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15, and Forward and Backward Arm Circles each x 10.

Jog to front green for 13 Acres Baker’s Dozen involving thirteen exercises: Squat, Merkin, Hello Dolly, Alternating Lunge, Wide Grip Merkin, Rosalita, Squat Jump, Close Grip Merkin, Freddie Mercury, Step Behind, Carolina Dry Dock, Flutter Kick, and Mountain Climber.  Thirteen rounds of exercises.  First round, complete 13 Squats and 7 of the other exercises.  Second round, 7 Squats, 13 Merkins, and 7 of the remaining exercises.  And so on.

Stay in place for Child’s Pose, Cobra Pose, and Downward Dog.  Hop up and jog around the front of the school yard back to the ShovelFlag.


We gave a shot at completing the workout above back in April and had to stop before we finished.  We got through it today due in part to a shorter warm-up and faster pace.  Nice job fellas.

Heading home on foot following the workout, there remained five flat dry spots in pentagon shape where we’d completed over 1270 exercises, each, this morning – crop circles for sure.

Regular lineup of workouts this week.  Honeydo leading the PAX tomorrow for his first Q effort.  Social time in TYA’s yard this Wednesday following an afternoon Hill Run.

Good discussion about BRR – solid spreadsheet sent around to BRR participants by TYA taking into consideration everything but the impact of the mountainous terrain on lighting at sunrise and sunset.  Also looking forward to being chased by mountain dogs at midnight.

Happy Monday!




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  1. Tclaps to TYA for posting the morning after running 13 miles at Pocahontas State Park. Respect!

  2. After the first round I was beginning to think we were on an “off” day. Not so much; I was sore all over. Great Q!