Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

GridIron Brings Back the Pillars of Gloom


Eleven of the faithful, and one FNG gathered at GridIron to start the weekend with a dose of RedPill.  The weather was sunny and warm, but slightly cooler than the average August morning in Richmond.  This is how it went down:


ssh x 30, merkins x 12, don quiote x 25, hillbillies x 25

mosey to grassy knoll for 10 minutes of burpees

mosey to track, 400m run, planks / back bridges, 400m run (arrival of Swirly, Isle5, and Bleeder from Dogpile)

mosey to pillars for 40 seconds on each of 12 pre-set stations, including ab wheel, merkins, pole smokers, pistol squat on TRX (left), pistol squat on TRX (right), ww2 situps, carolina drydock, flutter kicks, LBCs, curb dips.

mosey to bus lane for ascending / descending curb crawls with merkins (1 – 5, then 5 – 1)

mosey to shady spot in grass for 5 minutes of mary, ending with a spirited Russian twist



During the prior week’s workout, Jolly Rancher talked much smack, repeatedly asking Earthworm for tabata sprints.  By the end of this workout, Jolly Rancher was not talking smack.  Rather, he was hanging his head and drooling on the ab wheel.  In fairness to him, he did pull off 12 burpees per minute during the “10 minutes of burpees” sequence.

During the naming of WD40, Earthworm suggested a number of very manly names for his son, including Thor, Mjolnir, and Odin. Wilson was very vocal in opposition to a father giving his son a strong, virile F3 name.  He suggested “Hemorrhoid.”  YHC was contemplating Mule Deer as a variation of Mjolnir (pronounced MYUL-NIR).  The PAX promptly settled on “WD40.”  Welcome WD40!


Richmond GoRuck event is on October 23 & 24th. Talk to Honey Do. Preblast posted a few weeks back.

Next Wednesday’s Hill run will be followed by a beverage at TYA’s house – this will serve as our second F for August.

CONVERGENCE on September 19th at Gridiron. Bring a friend!  Although not final yet, there seems to be support for a true double dip 6AM workout at GridIron as well.  Need a Q volunteer for 6AM.


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  1. Hard to fool the Pax. Indeed, Earthworm sought to exploit his second son’s middle name (Thor – honoring his mother’s Norse heritage), but he did so largely as a bid to obtain his own new F3 handle, Odin – from the lowly phylum Annelida to the Asgardian throne. Fail – thanks, guys, for keeping me “grounded.” And, thanks too, for naming second son WD40, the trail name he disparagingly gave me years ago on the AT because I was a “stiff.” Super Q, J’Ville, and as always we were glad to have the DoubleDippers join us at the GridIron.

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun. I’m open to Q the warmup workout if we decide to do that on convergence day.