Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Swirly Q’s at Dogpile


9 Faithful appeared in the gloom this morning.


20 SS 20 EW 20 LBC 15DK
4 corners 10 Burpes 20 LBC 20 Merkins 20 squats
4 times
7 over hand pull-ups 7 crunches 7 underhand pull ups 7 dips run to tree
4 times
sprints brick patio up stairs bear crawl down steps 10 WW 2 sit ups – 4 times
Bear crawl to middle – ring of fire 10 Merkins .


Glad to have Aisle 5 gather Wilson this morning, Wilson claimed that he would not have gotten out of bed if Aisle 5 had not arrived at his front door to take him for some double dipping.

As we left the RAMM yesterday, Toga Worried that no one had signed up to Q, Swirly and YHC said one of us would take it, Swirly stepped it up this morning! The simplicity of 4 times can make it brutality intense.

Best Shot hit 5 workouts in his first week! Way to sallow the red pill!

Aisle 5 has had two straight Weeks of Double dipping, Keep pushing it Aisle 5!

On the Bear Crawl to the manhole, Wilson and YHC were neck and neck, not sure if it was considered a race, but heck, YHC is game for just about anything where some form of odd competition is involved, fairly certain it was not sanctioned by “Willson’s Wife”. Wilson took an early lead out of the gate, YHC was quickly on his heels, as we entered the final few feet of the Unsanctioned “race;” YHC was under serious pressure to make his move. YHC made the intelligent decision to dive for the manhole in order to hit it first. In that attempt for all out Bear crawling domination, YHC made a diving stretch, as YHC’s hand hit the Manhole cover, YHC’s face made firm contact with the ground that surrounded the manhole. For some reason, the ground around the manhole had the soft pillow like texture of a boulder. Probably not YHC’s best decision, but YHC did reach the manhole first. Interestingly, YHC’s Dad was nicknamed “bear” at VMI.

Sunday trail run will be at Pocahontas Park. 10k cross country loop that will be run twice. Meet at Martins at Stony Point at 6:30 to clown car to Chester. Let Jville know if you plan on joining his clown car.
Richmond GoRuck event is on October 23 & 24th. Talk to Honey Do. Preblast posted a few weeks back. Check it out here Red Light and Blue.

Next Wednesday’s Hill run will be followed by a beverage at TYA’s house – this will serve as our second F for August.

CONVERGENCE on September 19th at Gridiron. Bring a friend!




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  1. Swirly that was a good total body beatdown. Nice job! Bleeder – next time I’ll take ya! That was an impressive dive. You forgot the “ugggggg” sound your body made. Way to sacrifice for the win. Yes Aisle 5 kept me honest! Thanks bro!

  2. I am thankful that Wilson broke me down and convinced me to start being a better man by working within F3. I started my 4th week today and can hardly move my arms and shoulders (thanks to Swirly for the great Q today!) but I am feeling stronger every time I come out and am looking forward to being strong enough to offer my own Q this fall.

  3. Swirly, I’ve given you Author permissions on the site so that Bleeder no longer has to be your scribe.