Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Taking Requests and Playing the Hits


12 posted for a lovely RVA morning block party at Mary Munford Elem.  Here’s how it went down:


Quick disclaimer then half PAX runs the full block with 5 burpees at each corner.  The other half of the PAX completes 12 burpee block presses, 12 goblet squats, 12 Russian Twists: repeato x2 then switch as soon as the runners return.

With the PAX now warmed up, begin 12 alternating shoulder presses, 12 lunges with block twists, and 12 sit-ups with blocks on chest: repeato x2

12 woodchoppers, 15 2 count quick hops on bricks, 12 sit-ups w brick over head: repeato x2

12 behind the head tri presses, 12 curls, 25 yd block overhead crawls: repeato x2

Mosey to treeline on Carey for backwards run suicides


YHC envisioned the PAX running the block for each set, but it became clear that we weren’t going to get through all the exercises with that model.  There was also a distinct lack of mumble chatter during the block reps. YHC took this as a good sign.

It turns out people still have hidden talents.  Bleeder’s time at VMI means that he can crawl on his back like a snake in a frying pan.  Pucker can outrun Splinter when going backwards.  Apparently this comes from defenseman backwards skating or some kind of yankee genetic mutation.  YHC thought the backwards suicide wouldn’t take long or prove particularly difficult.  My thinking was corrected about half way through with time running out and a lot more trees to go.  Note: The PAX didn’t complete this part of the workout, but more time will be allotted next time.


Sunday trail run will be at Pocahontas Park.  10k cross country loop that will be run twice.  Meet at Martins at Stony Point at 6:30 to clown car to Chester.  Let Jville know if you plan on joining his clown car.
Richmond GoRuck event is on October 23 & 24th.  Talk to Honey Do.  Preblast posted a few weeks back.  Check it out here Red Light and Blue.

Next Wednesday’s Hill run will be followed by a beverage at TYA’s house – this will serve as our second F for August.

Bake sale, at Parham Rd Exxon (807 E. Parham Road) Friday 11 a.m.


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  1. I should have noted that Goose requested the backwards army crawls and Bleeder asked for the backwards running. We do sometimes play requests.

  2. Looks like a good one, sorry I missed it. Was looking fwd to blocks. Kids were up all damn night and I slept thru! Gonna have to see Bleeder and the frying pan snake move.