Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Lucky 3


Three strong posted for a good start to the week at the Punisher on the North side of Richmond.  Weather was sunny and 70, with no humidity.

The Thang:

One PAX run around the school, other two PAX do appointed exercise, switch when runner comes back.  Exercises completed were merkins, curb dips, LBC, flutter kicks, freddy mercury and alabama prom dates.  Mosey to parking lot.  Bear crawl from curb to curb 10 Merkins at the curb, crab walk back, 10 more merkins.  Rinse and repeat x3.  Lunges from curb to curb, 10 dips each side, repeat x 2.

Naked Moleskin

Thanks to Swirly for picking up the Q at the last minute.  Always need to be prepared to throw down a beatdown just in case and it looks like Swirly did a good job.

At the end of the workout, all three men gave a detailed history of the hardest moments of their respective lives.  Lots of tears were shed, bonds were created and emotional fellowship of the deepest kind happened.  For those that were present, it was described as possibly the most significant moment of their lives.  Bigger than 9-11, Apollo moon landing, and Caitlyn Jenner coming out of the closet.  So, next week when you consider missing the punisher, consider that you might be missing out on the best moment of your life.


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Wow, sounds Awesome. I had a good workout in Summerville SC, but this sound amazing. Can not wait for the next Punisher!

  2. Wow,, Exact same thing happened at Cyclone in Charleston, without the tears, excitement and hardest life stores, but I do recall a serous level of Sweat and Toga giving the first Annoucnebt before the COT, “regular workout s schedule in Richmond this week” which at least the two others from the Richmond PAX thought was funny

  3. Thanks TYA – you are awesome bro !
    Hope your having a blast Bleeder – I know you and Toga are proudly representing F3RVA down there !!