Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

An extra hour of sleep is so nice


5 strong souls moseyed into the gloom on a beautiful 66 degree morning.

Mosey to the center of the top football field
25 X SSH
30 X LBC
20 x Crab Cakes
25 x Imperial Walkers
Mosey to the bus loop

Modified Dora 1 2 3 (sprint style, partner)
50 merkins
100 LBC
150 Squats
Zombie Walk and
Mosey to lower football field

V ups
Mountain Climbers
Jumper squats
Freddie Mercury
Mosey to front of school bleachers

Triple Nickle
Run uphill 5x monkey humpers
Run downhill 5x dips on bleachers
Rinse & repeat 5x
Mosey to back to front of school

Ascending Curb Crawls
Bear crawl to opposite curb 1 derkin
Opposite cub +1 until reach 13
(complete as many as possible)
Mosey to football field goal post by parking lot

1 minute of Burpees
Tap goal post on jump



The PAX was strong today led by a speedy DK on most exercises.

YHC had not seen Groh since his initial FNG visit. He and DK put together a very strong performance in the Dora 1 2 3. YHC and Short Shank did our best but could not keep up with their elite speed.

Chum Bucket joined the PAX just before the ascending curb crawls. YHC keenly aware of Chum’s love of this exercise saved it for the end. Of course, Chum bear crawled his way to complete the most derkins in the PAX. Great job double dipping Chum!

Until next time.


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Lug, thx for picking up the Q for me. Much appreciated. Sounds like a great workout, sorry I missed it. Can’t wait to see Grohs improvement. Ben a few months since I’ve been out there